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doxx (one)

To make one's personally identifiable information (such as their address, phone number, social security number, etc.) available online, especially as an act of vengeance. I can't believe the scumbag would doxx me just because I beat him in a video game! Some online content creators face a constant fear of getting doxxed.
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The act of making someone's personal information (such as their address, phone number, social security number, etc.) available online, especially out of vengeance. More and more people are finding themselves victims of doxxing, in which the personal details of their lives are exposed to the world. Doxxing is a constant fear for some online content creators.
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The results indicated that the cell viability of HaCaT cells transfected with the negative control virus (NC) and induced by DOX were not significantly different from the NC cells that were not induced by DOX (P>0.05) (Figure 2A).
A model cycle length of 1 week was used in order to ensure that differences in time to progression could be precisely modeled (median PFS was 6.6 months for Olara + Dox and 4.1 months for Dox in the JGDG trial [17]) as well as longer-term events such as death.
After 24 hours of aqueous DOX saturation, DOX uptake in the surface layer of the tissue specimens was observed in all three cases (100%).
where 5 mg is the initial amount of DOX for loading experiment; [W.sub.U-DOX] is the total amount of unloaded DOX in the dialysis solution; [W.sub.PNS_SS_ADA@CD-mPEG] is the dried weight of polymer in the nanocarrier.
CIP ([micro]g/mL) DOX ([micro]g/mL) 1 1 15 2 2 7 3 4 9 4 1 7 5 2 5 6 4 5 7 6 5 8 6 12 9 8 7 10 4 15 11 8 5 12 4 12 13 4 7 14 1 12 15 8 15 16 6 15 17 1 5 18 8 12 19 2 9 20 1 9 21 2 15 22 2 12 23 6 9 24 8 9 25 6 7 TABLE 2: Composition of validation set and predicted results obtained in synthetic mixtures by PCR and PLS methods.
Inducible Cre (iCre) ESCs following 24 hours Dox induction and [STAT3.sup.flox/flox] (F/F) ESCs were genotyped.
Then, we conducted the same analysis only on DOX animals, in order to identify those miRNAs with the best discriminatory potential between Tox vs.
Another objective of the study was to establish that vitamin C as an antioxidant could be a simple and cost-effective regimen to enhance therapeutic efficacy and to reduce toxic side effects of DOX in clinical chemotherapy.
Los antibioticos usados mediante el metodo de difusion en discos siguiendo las recomendaciones de CLSI (2016) y manufacturados por BBL[TM]Sensi-Disc[TM] fueron: azitromicina (AZI), eritromicina (E), clindamicina (CC), amikacina (AMK), gentamicina (GEN), doxiciclina (DOX), oxitetraciclina (OXI), rifamicina (RIF), rifampicina (RID), ciprofloxacina (CIP), levofloxacina (LEV) y norfloxacina (NOR).
[M.sub.2] (DOX (n), x) = (24n - 12) [x.sup.8] + (54[n.sup.2] - 78n + 30)[x.sup.16].
Despite the effectiveness as anticancer agents, the use of anthracyclines, such as doxorubicin (DOX), is limited due to their cardiotoxic effects, which can lead to severe heart failure and death.
Our work aimed to ascertain the synergistic antitumor effects of DHZCP combined with DOX in SMMC-7721 and explore the potential molecular mechanisms.