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have a downer on (one)

To dislike one. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. If the boss has a downer on you, I doubt you'll get a good performance review.
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have a down on someone/something


have a downer on someone/something

If you have a down on someone or something or you have a downer on them, you do not like them or you disapprove of them. Snobs would have a down on a man with a south London accent. For some reason Jackie has always had a downer on me.
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put a downer on something

If something or someone puts a downer on an event, they make it less enjoyable. The argument put a downer on our school holiday break.
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and down and downie
1. n. a barbiturate or a tranquilizer. (Drugs.) Too much booze with those downers, and you’re dead.
2. n. a bad drug experience; a down trip. (Drugs.) That stuff you gave me was a real downer.
3. n. a depressing event; a bad situation; a down trip. These cloudy days are always downers.
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Downer said the argument got worse and that his wife started throwing items around.
Koizumi was quoted as telling Downer that it is ''important for Australia, along with New Zealand and India, to be involved in the envisaged summit.
He was then attacked by Downer who punched him in the face and slashed him with a penknife, the court was told.
The court had previously heard she had met Downer when he absconded from an open prison in 2007.
Australian Engineering Group Downer EDI won a US $2 billion contract from Adani Group's Carmichael Coal Mine project in Queensland in one of the biggest deals of its type inked in the nation in recent years.
Shi-Anne, who was also known as Keegan Downer, had been placed with Kandyce Downer, an extended family member, under a special guardianship court order.
The court heard that Downer had been serving a six-year sentence for carrying out a knife attack on a previous partner.
The popular Thai holiday island of Phuket is at high risk of a terrorist attack according to information obtained by Australia, said Foreign Minister Alexander Downer yesterday.
Papua New Guinea risks losing a major export market and undermining regional stability by establishing diplomatic ties with Taiwan, Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said Tuesday.
Greg Downer doesn't think he'll ever duplicate the Kobe years.
The President of the Republic Mr Nikos Anastasiadis received today, the outgoing Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on Cyprus, Mr Alexander Downer , who has submitted his resignation from the post of Special Adviser.
Former UN envy Alexander Downer is due in Cyprus at the end of this month, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Tuesday.
Downer argued that "neither side has a position which has the potential to destroy the talks" while each side is thinking about the other`s positions on a whole range of issues.
LEFKOE[currency]A (CyHAN)- Turkish Cypriot President DerviE- Eroy-lu received UN Special Envoy to Cyprus Alexander Downer and his accompanying delegation on Friday in Nicosia.
Alf Downer barely merits a mention in the footnotes of Scottish sporting history, but he established an athletics legacy that continues to live on in the achievements of the current Olympic superstar.