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All of the clever ads showcase the humor and down-home charm of the Smithe brothers and Deen.
Hightower, who was twice elected to state-wide office in Texas, writes with down-home (or "lowdown") humor and scathing attacks similar to fellow Texan columnist Molly Ivins.
the largest retail farm and ranch store chain in the United States, HR professionals continue to search for candidates with some agriculture background or an interest in agriculture who also share TSC's down-home values.
These folks help make up the Tim Kerr-fueled Now Time Delegation, and they've got a real Texas-style down-home bluesy feel.
As you can see, the all-American down-home theme is alive and well in Branson, and it offers career opportunities for hundreds of dancers.
While extinction looms as a real possibility, his performance will be mildly amusing and full of down-home barnyard references, not unlike his new book, There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos.
His self-effacing air and down-home veneer sometimes cause people to underestimate him, says George Rice, president of Tampa-based consulting firm GDR Enterprises, "but he is certainly no fool.
Political primary season is in full swing, and the candidate who wants to get an edge by polishing his image as a caring, warm, down-home kind of guy might heed the findings of voter surveys conducted prior to the last two presidential elections.
Eaturna Delivers Its Freshly Prepared, "Grab and Go" Menu of Culinary Creations and Down-Home Favorites to the Deli Sections of Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach Vons and Pavilions Stores
Pacing this pack is Ferrell's title driver, a born-to-rev type whose success on the track has led to an ego as massive as it is down-home natural.
The action-packed story is told in the down-home style of speech of rural Florida of the time.
Barbeque'n With Bobby: Righteous Down-Home Recipes by Bobby Scale, Ten Speed Press May 1988, $12.
There was plenty of down-home cooking, performances by drag queens, and awards given to various members.
I strolled through the Historic District, with its green, camellia-filled squares, art galleries, and dining options ranging from the upscale (The Olde Pink House) to down-home Lady & Sons Restaurant and Wall's Bar-B-Que.
The LA-based artist's freewheeling sense of humor is everywhere evident in his installation Proposal for a Monument in Friendship Park, Jacksonville, FL, 2000, where a Noguchi rock garden improbably spreads out before a down-home front porch, to the strains of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama.