down with (someone or something)

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down with (someone or something)

A phrase used to emphasize one's opposition to someone or something, especially that the offending person or thing be removed or eliminated. It wasn't long before all the students were chanting, "Down with homework!"
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Down with

someone or something! Do away with someone or something!; I am opposed to someone or something! Down with higher taxes! Down with corporate tax breaks! Down with tyrants!
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down with

1. Ill with, as in He's down with the flu. The down here alludes to being felled by illness. Also see come down with.
2. Depose, do away with, as in Down with the king! This imperative dates from the early 1500s.
3. Lower or put something down, as in Down with the mainsail. [Mid-1600s]
4. be or get down with . Be close friends with, as in I'm down with that crowd. [Slang; late 1900s]
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down with somebody/something!

shouted as a protest against somebody/something: Down with the dictator!
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down (with someone)

mod. friends with someone; to be okay or on good terms with someone. (Down = okay.) It’s okay. I’m down with Chuck.
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down with something

1. mod. comfortable with something; comfortable. (Usually with get.) Let’s get down with some good music.
2. mod. ill with something; sick in bed with something. I was down with the flu for two weeks.
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References in classic literature ?
Strickland was in a good humour, and when Dirk Stroeve came up and sat down with us he attacked him with ferocious banter.
In this quake a big crack opened and we fell through--horse and buggy, and all--and the stones got loose and came down with us."
If I am being honest, I want Newcastle to come down with us, I want them to take some of the heat off us.
The Geordies being down with us would alleviate some pressure.
"He was in hospital last night, he had to go to hospital and they kept him in, so he won't be travelling down with us for Saturday.
"And I think something is happening today and he may be going under the knife, so obviously it is going round his system, and he will not be travelling down with us."
If we go down in that time Roberto will go down with us. I believe in this lad totally."
He was, and soon Janet Reno sent in two people from DOJ's Community Relations Service to try to mediate the situation (MFV refused to sit down with us), but it was the first time in history sexual orientation was addressed by Community Relations Service!
"Task Force members sat down with us early and looked at our plan," Johanson said.
One of them introduced us to Padre Gregorio, who, after meeting with a group of coffee growers, sat down with us to talk about the mission, the town, land reform, the church, Guatemalan politics, and globalization.
The Bangles have the feature interview (and show the extent to which they were down with us on the cover), followed by the Untouchables, "new" music reviews, and a piece on the evolution of techno pop.