down with (someone or something)

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down with (someone or something)

A phrase used to emphasize one's opposition to someone or something, especially that the offending person or thing be removed or eliminated. It wasn't long before all the students were chanting, "Down with homework!"
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Down with

someone or something! Do away with someone or something!; I am opposed to someone or something! Down with higher taxes! Down with corporate tax breaks! Down with tyrants!
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down with

1. Ill with, as in He's down with the flu. The down here alludes to being felled by illness. Also see come down with.
2. Depose, do away with, as in Down with the king! This imperative dates from the early 1500s.
3. Lower or put something down, as in Down with the mainsail. [Mid-1600s]
4. be or get down with . Be close friends with, as in I'm down with that crowd. [Slang; late 1900s]
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down with somebody/something!

shouted as a protest against somebody/something: Down with the dictator!
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down (with someone)

mod. friends with someone; to be okay or on good terms with someone. (Down = okay.) It’s okay. I’m down with Chuck.
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down with something

1. mod. comfortable with something; comfortable. (Usually with get.) Let’s get down with some good music.
2. mod. ill with something; sick in bed with something. I was down with the flu for two weeks.
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"But until we sit down with somebody and get into a conversation to explain what's involved in the show, I don't want to start speculating.
The group said the release of the video was suspicious and that it was done to victimise Abbo because of his minority status in the Red Chamber, saying if those threatening to arrest him are genuinely concern, they should also arrest the Governor of Kano State, Ganduje and former deputy speaker of Nasarawa State House of Assembly now a Senator, where he was caught hands down with somebody's wife.
[A diplomat] can't just sit down with somebody and open with 'what did you think about the nuclear proliferation agreement?' That's the end of the conservation.
"I would like to be in a relationship in future and settle down with somebody," said Karishma in an interview months ago.
JJ, who has a daughter, said: "I'm just happy my friend is settling down with somebody. So many of our other friends are all settled down and have kids, so he needs to catch up.
Sitting down with somebody across a table is always the best way to do business.
It's always good to go down with somebody. You don't want to be by yourself.
Have the ability to sit down with somebody who is on the opposite side of the table from you and have a conversation and get to know them even when you're not negotiating with somebody, so that it leads you to get something done.
"I didn't like it when managers and players blasted decisions in a press conference after a game without actually seeing the incident or before they've sat down with somebody sensible and spoke about it.
Arnold added: "I will be interested to see what the proposals are because they haven't been discussed with us, and I would like to sit down with somebody and talk about how it might work.
"It becomes more personal when you take the time to sit down with somebody new and, over the course of their career, work with them to develop and become better.
"At this stage of my life I don't know if I will ever settle down with somebody.