down with (an illness)

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down with (an illness)

Sick with a particular illness, which is named after "with." I've been down with the flu all week and have barely gotten out of bed.
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Down with

someone or something! Do away with someone or something!; I am opposed to someone or something! Down with higher taxes! Down with corporate tax breaks! Down with tyrants!
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*down with a disease

ill; sick at home. (Can be said about many diseases. *Typically: be ~; Come ~; get~.) Tom isn't here. He's down with a cold. Sally is down with the flu.
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down with

1. Ill with, as in He's down with the flu. The down here alludes to being felled by illness. Also see come down with.
2. Depose, do away with, as in Down with the king! This imperative dates from the early 1500s.
3. Lower or put something down, as in Down with the mainsail. [Mid-1600s]
4. be or get down with . Be close friends with, as in I'm down with that crowd. [Slang; late 1900s]
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The 25-year old started the year with Poole but was released by the club after coming down with an illness relating to his appendix.
Veteran defender Jagielka was only playing in the match after Michael Keane came down with an illness in the warm-up, and the former England centre-back became the oldest player to score a goal in the Premier League this season with the strike.
When Bogdana herself comes down with an illness, it is up to Petunia to stop the contagion and save the village.
RYAN Tubridy feared he'd not be able to host The Late Late Toy Show after being struck down with an illness. The 44-year-old presenter was bedridden this month with a bad case of tonsillitis.
According to the Mirror, Starr claimed to have spoken to him while he was in hospital and revealed that he was doing well, after he came down with an illness last month, Contactmusic reported.
"Tom Hateley has now gone down with an illness so we will have a roll call before we set up for Inverness.
"Hayden went down with an illness Wednesday night and he'll obviously be doubtful getting it so late in the week," said manager Lee Clark.
The young girl was struck down with an illness during the early hours of Monday morning at Islawrffordd Caravan Park, Barmouth, Gwynedd.
"Coming down with an illness and not having an O-T-C pain reliever or cough/cold medication readily available only makes the situation worse," comments Walgreens chief medical officer Cheryl Pegus, who recommends that consumers check their medicines for expiration dates with each change of season.
It is neither here nor there that McDonald didn't use the passport to get to America because he was struck down with an illness. The fact still remains that Martin McAleese's influence may have helped McDonald fly into America when travelling on a British passport would have prevented him.
They usually occur at times of unrest, perhaps when the child is coming down with an illness, is a little over tired, and can be related to the normal anxiety and stress that is part of children growing up.
The dancer was admitted to hospital two weeks ago when he came down with an illness rumored to be a viral infection.
No matter where you moved in the country, or how often you changed jobs, or where you might happen to come down with an illness, there would be a VHA facility nearby where your complete medical records would be available and the same evidence-based protocols of medicine would be practiced.
After starting the summer Tests against Argentina and South Africa, Robinson was struck down with an illness which has stopped him from playing this season.
Barrass, whose career has been plagued by injuries, hadn't been due to play until Lee Unsworth went down with an illness.