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So easy it was to feel sorry, to look slightly down one's nose at those learning the capitalist game.
It's easy to look down one's nose at the short, "shareable," and sometimes salacious coverage of some of these upstarts.
It is easy to look down one's nose at the good folk who turn out for royal occasions such as this wearing Union Jack hats and probably (for all we know) similarly patterned underwear.
Looking down one's nose at Vichy, one also has to look down one's nose at humanity, and Suite francaise is partly popular because it shows ordinary people (like us) who themselves contributed to the trap that became the Fall of France - and thence, Vichy.
This isn't to look down one's nose at rural Welsh life.
The British habit of looking down one's nose at engineers, plumbers and electricians provides a constant source of surprise to visitors from abroad.