down nose

down (one's) nose

With disapproval, contempt, or arrogance: Year-round residents here look down their noses at the summer people.
See also: down, nose
References in classic literature ?
What with bringing out eyes with all one's power, and keeping down noses with all one's force, and adding to heads, and taking away teeth altogether, you have no idea of the trouble one little miniature is.
LAST STRAW J This one hit barn SCARE FORCE n More high drama WRITE OFF J At least it landed FLIP FLOP n Upside down NOSE DIVE n Early mishap DAMAGED ZGOODS Post office roof RESEARCH Z Local historian Tony Johnson
Unlike the Titanic that went down nose first when it filled with water.
When on the shank, the rig will sink more horizontally, rather than head down nose first.
Witnesses said the plane's tail, where the engines are located, was on fire before it went down nose first, plowing a long trench into agricultural fields outside the village of Jannat Abad, and the plane was blasted to bits.
Inhaled half a pint of Botswana Ultra Lite, made that horrible "sshnurrggff" noise as it came back down nose and sprayed it all over startled barmaid.
But Friday, the Lobos outplayed the Rebels on the line, found a way to slow down nose guard Jacob Waasdorp, and ran a 10-play drive that took off the final five minutes of the clock and gave them a 12-10 win in their Golden League opener.
When cold pants clung to our legs and rain dripped down nose and chin, we headed back to the pickup.
The jet was coming down nose first with other debris, including what appeared to be the engine.
I looked up again and it was going down nose first and spinning,' he said.
At his doing, Rangers now have a multicultural boardroom, and by all accounts there's no looking down noses at anyone else who crosses the threshold on a Saturday.
Casting long glances down noses stuffed with arrogance
30pm, with their bobbed haircuts, short dresses, turned down noses and powdered knees