down at heel


Having a worn out, shabby, or cheap appearance, as due to poverty or overuse. A lot of so-called hipsters try to affect a down-at-heel look, a sort of "shabby-chic" appearance out of second-hand clothing. John has been looking increasingly down-at-heel ever since he lost his job last year.

down at heel

1 (of a shoe) with the heel worn down. 2 (of a person, place, or thing) with a poor, shabby appearance.
See also: down, heel

ˌdown at ˈheel

(of somebody’s appearance) looking poor: Since he lost his job, he has begun to look rather down at heel.
This idiom refers to the worn heels of old shoes.
See also: down, heel
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Brooklynn Prince gives a wonderfully uninhibited performance as a six year old left to run riot around her down at heel motel home during the summer holidays.
The Photo ARTHRITIC fingers carefully clutch the tattered photo Invoking a painful memory from those days so long ago The gloss on the hair of the girl Like the down on a raven's wing Soft brown eyes look trustingly Though they cannot see a thing Tortured things of that terrible place They'd shared together so long ago "Why was I allowed to live" he cried When she was sacrificed and died Just because of her Jewish faith Now, old, crippled down at heel Nowhere warm to lay my head A cardboard box for my nightly bed No longer her lover, her blue-eyed boy by Lil Bordessa
A FAMILY from Suffolk have been left down at heel having planned a special trip to Tyneside to see the Snowdogs - only to find the trail is closing early.
1987) In a creepy plot, down at heel Kurt Russell convinces spoiled heiress Goldie Hawn she's his wife after she gets amnesia.
How many Western Mail readers have recently taken a walk around Swansea city centre and seen how down at heel it is?
A down at heel community in Georgia hope their church choir will give them something to sing about.
BLUES face a down at heel Derby County at St Andrew's tomorrow.
30pm Tip Top Productions perform the popular mock horror musical comedy about a down at heel florist who becomes an overnight sensation on discovering an exotic, talking plant.
Down at heel "25 per cent off Mar T Bar espadrille.
It is a huge turnaround for a player who had looked isolated and down at heel in his first season at Sixways which was overseen by former director of rugby John Brain.
These weirdos are no longer poor and down at heel, they are paid enormous salaries and get vast media attention.
Reece Procter, Adrian Haddon and their pals left their limo-loving counterparts looking slightly down at heel - by arriving in a helicopter.
At magistrates or Crown Courts you do, inevitably, see the well-heeled judging the down at heel.
Morag McDonnell has been down at heel for the best part of six months due to injury and illness.