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dovetail with (something)

1. Literally, to fit together with another piece through the use of a dovetail joint. A: "I think that part of the table is supposed to dovetail with this one." B: "No, it doesn't fit."
2. To go along nicely with something. Well, if my schedule ends up dovetailing with yours, maybe we can meet up for lunch after all.
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dovetail with something

1. . Lit. to interlock tightly with something using a dovetail joint. The side of the drawer dovetails with the front of the drawer.
2. Fig. to fit neatly into something. Your story doesn't dovetail with mine very well.
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Surface areas to be glued in dovetail joints according to cutter angles (A = joint and B = conjugate) are given in Table 2.
Martincraft Wood Products offers custom dovetail drawers, including: spice racks, trash bins and cutlery drawers.
That brings millions of .22 rimfires, Whose scope dovetails are nominally 3/8" into the same market for these mounts.
"The dovetail provides a mechanical look to hold things square and an excellent glue surface," Keller said.
Caption: The same rules apply to front sight Dovetails. Here's the pre-cut to hog out the majority of steel prior to using the dovetail cutter.
Undersized sight dovetails create their own special set of problems, sometimes requiting imaginative solutions.
"As better tools and greater precision developed, man discovered the dovetail principle," Blandford said.
If you're ordering sights to fit into an existing American factory dovetail, such as a Kimber Custom II, you can order sights for that particular gun as supplied by Heinie, Novak, Dawson Precision and others.
The cautionary advice on allergens dovetails with a report in the Feb.
Both rear sights, adjustable on the Eagle and fixed combat style on the Hawk, were fitted into dovetails. The first time each gun was fired the rear sights came off, that is, they slid right out of the dovetail.
They do not slide into place, as in the standard dovetail arrangement common with SCTs compatible with German mountings.
To cut a dovetail that fits, you have to measure the sight--even the mass produced ones.
The performance of laminated strand lumber (LSL), a structural composite lumber product, in beams with rounded dovetail connections under vertical shear loading was addressed.