dovetail with

dovetail with (something)

1. Literally, to fit together with another piece through the use of a dovetail joint. A: "I think that part of the table is supposed to dovetail with this one." B: "No, it doesn't fit."
2. To go along nicely with something. Well, if my schedule ends up dovetailing with yours, maybe we can meet up for lunch after all.
See also: dovetail

dovetail with something

1. . Lit. to interlock tightly with something using a dovetail joint. The side of the drawer dovetails with the front of the drawer.
2. Fig. to fit neatly into something. Your story doesn't dovetail with mine very well.
See also: dovetail
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It you have a milling machine, it is a small matter to machine a perfect dovetail with a 0.
I should also point out that my dovetail cutter was designed to make a dovetail with 65 [degrees] edges or angles.
The project will dovetail with each of the three phases of the NJIT grant.
Their socially oriented practices clearly dovetail with the interests of Documenta 10 director Catherine David, who is the "conceptual curator" of this show organized by MACBA curator Roland Groenenboom.
The acquisition of Nutrition Week and its offices will dovetail with our plans to have a substantial physical presence in the nation's capital.
Their data dovetail with a report that an amino acid found in the seeds of the false sago palm produces parkinsonism in monkeys and may have caused an increases in neurological diseases on two west Pacific islands (SN: 8/8/87, p.
The total number of Chinese broadband subscribers will be 144 million by 2011, and paid VoIP services adoption will dovetail with broadband growth, according to The Dragon Market: VoIP in China 2007 - 2011.
We intend to publicize our interest in licensing unique food products that will dovetail with our existing restaurant locations.
These findings dovetail with the position that we've taken in our civil pleadings that the City of Santa Monica bears responsibility for what happened.