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vulgar slang A contemptible, vile, or reprehensible person. That frat boy keeps trying to hit on my little sister. What a douche.


vulgar slang A contemptible, vile, or reprehensible person. That frat boy keeps trying to hit on my little sister. What a douchebag.
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douche bag

1. n. a wretched and disgusting person. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t be a douche bag. Pick up your things and go home, Chuck.
2. n. an ugly girl or woman. (Rude and derogatory.) Look at that face! What a douche bag!
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"With douches we come across a lot of cultural issues about how women should smell and how women should take care of their body when it's not necessarily related to their health," says Ryann Nickerson, communications director for the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR).
"The timing of the release of the potato draft sequence is nice for the SolCAP project," Douches said.
good old fashioned douche, colon hydrotherapy fans report vast improvements in skin condition, hair lustre and cellulite.
The most resistant clones were retested in 1998 and 27 highly resistant clones were selected (Douches et al., 2001), from which one clone (PI595511-5) was selected as the late blight resistant parent to develop the mapping population.
LOS ANGELES -- If you're under the impression that middle-aged and elderly women are the only ones who still douche, you're wrong.
Currently, television commercials openly call attention to yeast infections, pregnancy testing, douches, menstrual supplies, and genital scent that can be altered by special deodorant sprays.
What women usually got instead were commercially prepared douches and suppositories less effective than conventional methods of birth control.
"The official version has been printed, bound, and gagged, resides in schools, libraries, the majority unconscious." Cliff gives us in Free Enterprise the unofficial story, drawing attention to the roles of women in national events and rendering the texture of everyday life: that women made diaphragms from eelskin and abortive douches from alum, pearlash, white oak bark, and red rose leaves; that the first leper colony was established in New Orleans, and how; that the breadfruit tree was imported from Tahiti to Jamaica to supply a cheap slave diet.
So avoid antiseptics in bath water, vaginal deodorants, chemical douches or sprays, as they can irritate.
Les actions d'amenagement portent sur la realisation d'acces aux plages, de l'eclairage public, de parkings, de douches, de kiosques, de postes en prefabrique pour la gendarmerie nationale et la protection civile et d'aires de repos et de jeux pour enfants, a-t-on precise.
Medline purchased the manufacturing and laboratory assets at Perrigo's plant in Lake Worth, Fla., and assumed the lease on the property, where Medline will now manufacture a number of personal hygiene products, including enemas, douches and oral saline laxatives.
The company, which markets a number of douches, sprays and cleansing towelettes under the Vagi.Gard name, has also introduced Yeast.Gard, which it describes as an all-natural, homeopathic remedy for yeast infections.
* Don't use douches. Douching with vinegar or other chemicals has been shown to increase the rate of vaginal yeast infections because it alters the vaginal bacterial balance.
For this purpose, the reserve collection and the core subset were characterized with the aid of nine isozyme markers that have been genetically studied and used to characterize other potato gene pools (Douches and Quiros, 1988; Douches and Ludlam, 1991; Douches et al., 1991; Zimmerer and Douches, 1991).
Brodie adroitly shows how Poor tried to limit births in response to concerns about family finances, childbirth, and her children's health by concentrating sexual activity during what she considered the safe period (days 9 through 15 of the menstral cycle), and perhaps by using vaginal douches and delaying weaning.