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I am left contemplating the intriguing possibility that there may not be that great a difference between doubters and believers.
Internet websites and blogs have subjected a number of different media to their reactions as believers, doubters, apathetic or hostile listeners.
However, until you do that then the doubters can have their say.
Us doubters have been proved right, though there's little kudos in that, because everyone could see where Van Persie was heading.
DAVID Cameron has said the first meeting of his coalition Cabinet shows there is a clear "shared agenda" with the Liberal Democrats as he vowed to confound doubters of the power-sharing deal.
SLAUGHTER OF THE DISSIDENTS: The Shocking Truth about Killing the Careers of Darwin Doubters by Jerry Bergman.
There's even a sizeable minority of doubters who say the weather has nothing to do with climate change which most scientists assert is the result of a century of belching millions of tonnes of toxic stuff into the atmosphere.
But the modest youngster insists he's still having to prove doubters who claimed he would never be a centre-half wrong.
But doubters persisted within the Church and he was banned from hearing confessions or saying mass in public between 1924 and 1931.
Dear Editor, Much as I would like to ascribe the authorship of Shakespeare's plays to Shakespeare, I am obliged to join the doubters.
She says she will never forget the doubters who thought she was just a front for the operation because she couldn't possibly be savvy enough to do it on her own: "And that's because I'm a model and I'm attractive.
His journey takes him beyond doubters to a world where everyone seeks the perfect word.
But the way to resolve them is not to disparage the doubters.
Prusiner was accepting a Nobel prize in 1997 for linking misfolded proteins to certain brain diseases, doubters were pointing out that no one had ever actually shown that these proteins--which Prusiner dubbed prions--could cause infection.