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There may have been times when we doubted if God hears our prayers.
Assuming she had been unfaithful, Joseph decided to end the relationship because he doubted Mary's story.
154) in that, while previous early scholasticism did not permit 'the most profound' questions, since they 'diverged too much from what was commonly held by right-thinking people', later, such questions could be posed, 'in the academic exercises of the schools, but only because they were not really doubted. One side was known to be true already and they became simply pedagogical exercises' (p.
The play is set in 1964, when the world was starting to change, and some doubted the changes were for the better.
The common interpretation of his reaction is that he doubted. However, this disciple's declaration (v.
He said: "I don't claim to fully understand what I am feeling other than to acknowledge that something I never doubted ( God ( I have huge doubts about now."
In response, Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec City doubted whether the CRC really spoke for all members.