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Participants also doubted because they felt "rebellious or resentment over being told how to behave and what to believe" (n = 388; M = 1.
He said: "I don't claim to fully understand what I am feeling other than to acknowledge that something I never doubted ( God ( I have huge doubts about now.
In response, Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec City doubted whether the CRC really spoke for all members.
I must admit that when I saw the devastation and the falling bombs, I too, for a moment, doubted my mission.
Judge Steve Ogden at first said he doubted Jones is mentally competent, but changed his mind after Jones agreed to let a deputy public defender serve as his attorney.
Some doubted," Matthew says, as the disciples saw Jesus on that mountain in Galilee.
Here he doubted the most fundamental fact of orthodoxy--the Resurrection--and they still welcomed him into the room.
Almost a decade after the annunciatory experience of his dreams, Descartes returned to this use of doubt in a more rigorous manner: in part 3 of the Discourse he dates to the years 1628-29 his formulation of the arguments that led him through a systematic doubt of everything that could be doubted to the Archimedean point of "I think, therefore I am," and from thence to a reconstruction of philosophy.