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Substantial doubt about an entity's ability to continue as a going concern exists when conditions and events, considered in the aggregate, indicate that it is probable that the entity will be unable to meet its obligations as they become due within one year after the date that the financial statements are issued (or within one year after the date that the financial statements are available to be issued when applicable).
Humility, Lifetime Trauma, and Change in Religious Doubt Among Older Adults.
It is interesting to see how many people in the Bible had serious doubts.
The doubt Thomas experiences as he is told that the man he knows is dead is now apparently alive.
Whorton, (13) the presumption of innocence is not the logical equivalent of the reasonable doubt standard.
In fact, "Push and Shove," for good or for bad, sounds and feels like No Doubt had never left.
If the auditor concludes that substantial doubt exists about the entity's ability to continue as a going concern within one year of the date of the financial statements, the auditor is required to include a "going-concern emphasis-of-matter" paragraph in the audit report informing the users of the existence of such substantial doubt.
Washington, September 14 ( ANI ): When women have doubts before their wedding, their misgivings are often a warning sign of trouble if they go ahead with the marriage, psychologists have warned.
is partnering with No Doubt to offer a deluxe exclusive edition of the band s highly anticipated new album Push And Shove.
No Doubt are back and ready to unleash their new studio album upon the world.
Summary: Gwen Stefani's band No Doubt have released a sneak peak of their new single from their forthcoming album 'Push and Shove'.
Why do some politicians in Lebanon have to doubt everything, particularly a positive move by a Lebanese official, creating a sense of distrust in the country and the way it is administered, the political analyst of the Beirut daily AL ANWAR wondered Thursday.
Flanagan, Sabina, Doubt in an Age of Faith: Uncertainty in the Long Twelfth Century (Disputatio, 17), Turnhout, Brepols, 2009; hardback; pp.
I doubt there are any prostitutes in Bolton that look like Anna Friel.
Thus when doubt creeps into a person's mind concerning some act of worship he has performed or he is in the process of performing, such doubt is discounted.