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The chance came in one of his quick doublings and counter-circlings.
They lost me when they stopped doubling,'' Gasca said.
We analyzed temporal stability and geographic trends in cumulative case-fatality rates and average doubling times of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).
In IBM's double-gate transistor, the channel is surrounded by two gates, doubling control of the current and enabling significantly smaller, faster and lower-power circuits.
3GB--a doubling of today's capacity--and faster-than-ever rewrites, Sony and Philips have said so and, since they're the primary license-holders and the developers of CD-RW in the first place, they are probably right.
That finding flies in the face of some famous modern choices, like having Theseus and Hippolyta double as Oberon and Titania, as in Brook, 1970 (Alan Howard and Sara Kestelman) or Caird (John Carlisle and Claire Higgins), a doubling that violates, among other things, "the law of re-entry.
MegaSTOR 16X drives support Ritek DL at 4X nearly doubling the speed of other drives that only write to double layer media at 2.
California's 1994 ``three strikes'' law calls for doubling the prison sentence for second convictions and results in sentences ranging from 25 years to life in prison for a third felony.
But by doubling the amount of miles and increasing the number of bonus points our members can earn, HHonors is making it even easier for them to earn that extra vacation.