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He was not a bit like me, really; yet, as we stood leaning over my bed place, whispering side by side, with our dark heads together and our backs to the door, anybody bold enough to open it stealthily would have been treated to the uncanny sight of a double captain busy talking in whispers with his other self.
I took a peep at my double, and discovered that he had not moved, his arm was still over his eyes; but his chest heaved; his hair was wet; his chin glistened with perspira- tion.
And then I could at last shut, with a clear conscience, the door of my stateroom and get my double back into the recessed part.
We have been distracted with fears that you were dead, Sir,' said Dick, gently sliding to the ground, 'and the short and the long of it is, that we cannot allow single gentlemen to come into this establishment and sleep like double gentlemen without paying extra for it.
RIYADH: Yellow TeaM took home the championship trophy in the month long Doubles Team Tennis Tournament that ended last Friday organized by the Friday Morning Tennis Club (FMTC) at the Al Yamama Hotel Tennis complex.
Lauren Moy/Caroline Richman and Cassidy Horn/Nicole Hung -- who both swept their doubles sets -- helped Harvard-Westlake (12-6) rally from an 8-7 final-round deficit.
Sleep Scene The recently opened gay-owned Blue Moon Resort features 33 deluxe rooms and 11 parlor suites and is the city's first and only full service gay resort for males (866-798-9194, doubles from $99).
King suggests that even minor actors who doubled many roles usually had a scene off-stage in which to change costumes and any "actor who doubles in principal parts is off-stage for an interval of at least one full scene between roles" (29).
The Double Layer DVD+R disc nearly doubles the storage capacity of a current DVD+R disc from 4.
Calabasas, the Daily News' top-ranked team, surrendered a combined five games in winning all nine singles sets and received a strong effort from Marmonte League doubles champions Valerie Chang and Sabrina Man-Son-Hing en route to a convincing 17-1 win over the No.
Blood banks benefit from the system as it doubles the number of red blood cells collected per donor and is adaptable to the mobile collection environment.
Taylor played incredible,'' said Calabasas coach Kim Kinberg, who enjoyed an all-Coyotes doubles final, won by Valerie Chang and Sabrina Man-Son-Hing with a 1-6, 7-6 (4), 6-3 victory over Tiffany Harper and Jillian Schnitman.
By adding true load-sharing power capabilities to the Cisco AS5300 through an integrated RPS, Cisco extends the life of the power supply and doubles its Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) to greater than 500,000 hours.
Stacking means combining coupons from several sources, and doubling is when a store automatically doubles the value of a coupon, usually up to a certain maximum.
MEC) today announced that they have developed a revolutionary breakthrough flash technology called Double Density Flash (D2) that doubles the capacity of flash storage products and significantly reduces flash prices.