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His statement in The Crack Up that "the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at once, and still retain the ability to function" (69) speaks to his awareness of doublenesses and contradictions in America, and he strove to record them, even as one reality denied another dream.
But through this duplicity (doubleness) the narrator-captain learns to be firm in his relation with his men.
As concepts of doubleness, both idioms forego the vagaries of the inner life in favor of a notion of selfhood that is calibrated to the exterior world.
However, Krimmins really doesn't explain how Myles's sexual orientation affects her work, but notes that she has added a liberating tripleness to Fanning's doubleness.
This chapter presents some of the most compelling evidence for jazz's "doubleness." As one Finnish writer observed somewhat stereotypically, though still provocatively, through jazz, "Negroes have taught us to see that every-day Americanized life can be full of rhythm, color, and joy" (p.
He works doubleness throughout his readings of Breton's major writings from the 1920s and 1930s, (omitting, regrettably, Arcane 17 from 1944), combining a sensibility for Breton's poetics with Breton's practical presentation--his layout for Nadja, for example, that juxtaposes the image of the fountain with its description--and with Breton's biography, his place in surrealist history, and how he has been received by scholars, with a concentration on French scholars of surrealism.
Such 'doubleness' is the secret of history's fascination as an always changing, inventive endeavour; while explaining why history has been a source of sometimes bitter disputes.
In her introduction, Jill Robbins links Rossetti to the neobarroque poetics and irony of the 1970s novisimos and also to the now-familiar tenets of postmodernism via Almodovar: destabilization of gender conventions, disruptions of the concept of authority, and identity as performance, doubleness, and parody.
As beings who seek to break out of the limits assigned to us by biology, history, and the forces of circumstance, we humans (like Antigone and Oedipus) seek to overcome the "strange and uncanny doubleness [that] haunts the relation of the human being to the city," even as it haunts our relations to ourselves and to other beings in our community.
It is possible that what distinguishes poetic drama from prosaic drama is a kind of doubleness in the action, as if it took place on two planes at once ...
Building on the point counterpoint structure of the two-part dead man poems, this poem works by statement and qualification upon qualification, context upon context, gathering all the perspectives suggested in earlier poems, especially that of the doubleness of the moment:
Chapter 1, "The Space of the Encyclopedia," describes the evolution of the form, charting within that story an essential doubleness epitomized by Rabelais's allegory of encyclopedism in Pantraguel (1535), which captures the way the encyclopedia appears as "alternately, and often in the same form, a spring of truth and a pit of error because one of [its] ...
Without the Duboisian precedent, these writers would possibly not have elaborated their respective theories of call-and- response (Stepto 1979), signifying (Gates 1988) and the black Atlantic (Gilroy 1993)--all theories which are predicated on notions and strategies of doubleness; one may assume they would have formulated them differently.
In this company the Dickens who has earlier seemed uncertain of his footing is praised for a 'doubleness' and 'ambiguity' (p.