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John Gillies sees Venice's doubleness as a split between "the idea of Venice as the constitutional heir of the ancient city-state .
In his doubleness Red Peter fights to protect his inner life from the impresario-teacher-handler, while being an object of entertainment and exemplum of educational enlightenment.
My experience of doubleness, in-betweenness and being in me and in two is filled to overflowing with raw emotion--the undreamed fulfilment and love I feel as a mother to my blue-eyed Aboriginal boys, the deep shame and guilt which comes hand in hand with my subjectivity as a white woman and recipient of the spoils of colonialism, the knowledge I carry that my choice to marry and have children with an Aboriginal man is a transgression that my white race will never forgive, and the hope I hold for a humanity which dares to hold difference with love in their hands and their hearts.
Such varieties of doubleness run through the Rossettis' works.
One result of this dominance is that the major concepts used to discuss black culture (for example, doubleness, signifying, the mask) are engaged largely for their capacity to support the idea of resistance.
This might scare some, yet the doubleness and the humour is bubbling and one is inclined to go with the figures rather than against them.
It is clear that Aristotle is hesitating between two definitions of metaphor, or else is defining metaphor by this doubleness itself: it is either the improper meaning of a word (transfer, transgression of conventional usage) or the improper expression used to evoke a meaning (a displaced noun, a naming that avoids proper naming.
Hall's view of diasporic identity in terms of internal division and motility rather than fixed essence is echoed, more specifically in a black context, by Paul Gilroy's thesis that the "history of the black Atlantic yields a course of lessons as to the instability and mutability of identities which are always unfinished, always being remade" (1993:xi), and that cultural doubleness and intermixture are the legacies of the African diaspora.
More importantly, the possible relationship, or affinity, between Chaucer's imagination of Fame and The Cloisters Apocalypse points to the doubleness of the Gothic visual practice and its potentially unsettling complications.
I used to worry constantly over whether I should develop my profile as a composer or as a conductor, but now I don't worry about it, because I've found that this doubleness is in its way unique, at least in the Czech Republic, and I'm trying to exploit it.
Rather, he or she will be disposed to see the unavoidable doubleness of anything in this world.
It is this essential doubleness of pastoral (its historical construction and its receding image of wholeness in memory) that made it an appropriate genre for mapping out the contradictoriness of the Old South, a region that was an offshoot of nineteenth-century international commerce and not an organic development out of a supposed feudal precedent.
It is not the precise nature of narrative changes made in the transposition of Lepage's theatrical source texts to the screen that is intriguing as much as the process of intertextual and inter-medial exchange manifesting itself in various self-referential moments of representational (temporal, spatial, corporeal) doubleness.
The doubleness of the story makes these parallels inescapable, and yet their superficiality works to undercut the power of the sequences concerning the fate of Kashmir.
Turning to Paradise Lost, he points to the paradoxical representations of sublime digestion (Raphael's version) and its corruptive counterpart (hell), and he concludes by drawing attention to an intriguing doubleness in the forbidden fruit itself, illustrating how, as an apple and a peach, the fruit epitomizes the multiple moralities attached to food in the period.