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Terry Hands achieved remarkable resonance in his 1975 production when he doubled Scroop and Williams (Charles Dance) and Gray and Bates (Arthur Whybrow).
Lady Anne and Prince Edward cannot be doubled, as in the current Sam Mendes production, it seems, because they are "principals." Macbeth, by King's count, would require eight boys.
Foote was 2-for-3 with a double, Schreiner doubled and knocked in three, and Hailey Webb doubled.
Brown finished 2-for-2 with 2 intentional walks and 2 RBI, Jess Pozezinski was 2-for-4 with a double, and Meghan Delahunty doubled as well.
Stephanie Keefe doubled and drove in 3 runs for the Bears (10-10, 6-4).
Gwen Heilman hit a triple, and Hailey Peterson (2-for-5) doubled. Maggie Trotter finished 3-for-4, while Maggie Lippman was 2-for-3.