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Gallego also sees Jessie Fauset's mulatta protagonist in Plum Bun (1928) as a metaphor of double consciousness, of African American women, and of the problematic definition of both their identity and their sexuality.
The accompanying diagrams illustrate how simple it was to convert our double wing T into a direct snap (single wing) set.
The appellate court reversed Ursery's conviction,(11) concluding that the Double Jeopardy Clause of the fifth amendment protects against multiple punishments and prohibits the government from punishing twice for the same offense.
An early agreement could be reached, though it is more likely that negotiations, offers and counter-offers, as well as one or more face-to-face meetings, will occur before an agreement to lessen or eliminate double taxation is reached.
With a double toggle, wear can occur preferentially on one side.
The most moving series Calle has executed in this mode is The Blind, 1986, sadly omitted from Double Game, although it is included in the retrospective.
That year, a research group reported that tumor cells which resist the chemotherapeutic drug methotrexate harbor double minute chromosomes composed of many copies of the gene that encodes dihydrofolate reductase, an enzyme that deactivates the drug (SN: 1/3/87, p.
9; or we double as though there is a high post, with the point defender (X2) becoming our trapper, as shown in Diag.
But a torus bubble has innumerable possible shapes, any one of which could possibly beat the standard double bubble.
Clark says she has asked Vons checkers about whether customers are upset about the double coupon cancellation.
Still, I kept fooling around with the Double Wing on paper.
Chains of these linked pyridine twins spontaneously braid into double helices around copper ions.
If two polyribonucleotide strands are combined, they may bind to each other to form Watson and Crick's well-known double helix, in this case, double-stranded RNA.