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It makes sense, certainly, that the double suffered acute grief as a result of Meyerhold's arrest and torture, and later faced something akin to survivor guilt (a major theme, incidentally, of Cooley's first novel, The Archivist [1998]).
To incorporate issues of race and gender, Gallego also identifies in the first chapter double consciousness with the feminist notion of "divided identity," designating, as Mary Hairston McManus does, the latter as "double double consciousness.
and then, late last season, I heard about a coach who was running a double wing offense something like mine, but with a direct snap
2) Two lower court rulings, in particular, led to the Supreme Court decision regarding double jeopardy discussed in this article.
So, Double Power Wisk is a significantly improved detergent that uses 30 percent less packaging than original Wisk.
Under the terms of most tax treaties entered into by the United States, a mechanism exists to relieve this international double taxation.
The Mono-Toggle can have as much as a 2:1 advantage in platen speed over double toggles, given comparable actuator speed.
Her 1992 feature-length film Double Blind (which documents a cross-country odyssey that climaxes with Calle's drive-thru wedding in Las Vegas) was distributed under the title No Sex Last N ight in commercial movie houses through channels usually reserved for big-budget productions.
Thus, double minute chromosomes seem to increase a tumor cell's chances of surviving and proliferating.
If he can initiate the double with a quick, high and hard trap, he will make everyone else's job easier.
1 may then cut around the double pick low and #4 come up high, thus moving our strong side to the left - with #3 on the perimeter and #4 and #1 up ahead.
Consider the case when two bubbles join to form a double bubble--a sight familiar to any soap-bubble aficionado.
Ralphs had them on sale for $1, and they double, plus I had a coupon.
It" is the Double Wing offense I have been running -- and developing -- since 1990, and I'm as enthusiastic about it now as I was then.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Leading independent in-game advertising provider Double Fusion has stepped up to bat with massively-multiplayer online sports game (MMOSG) publisher Netamin Communication Corporation, to be the exclusive provider of dynamic in- and around-game ads for Ultimate Baseball Online (UBO).