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dote on (someone or something)

To give a lot of love and attention to someone or something, perhaps to excess. I can't help but dote on my kids whenever they're home from college—I just miss them so much when they're away!
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dote on

To show excessive fondness or love to someone: My grandmother dotes on all of her grandchildren.
See also: dote, on
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It just shouldn't happen," Joan said.He doted on what she said, she doted on him - it was perfect," Joan added.
"Kev took her everywhere and absolutely doted on her - any spare time he had, he spent with her filling her life with love and fun.
And if what we hear is correct, he was indeed ruined by his mother who doted on him.
He doted on the girl he called his "little princess".
John's dad, Dennis, 73, from nearby Buckhaven, tearfully told how his son had doted on diabetes-stricken Paul.
BABY Caroline was doted upon by her high-flying parents Marcel and Muriel, a friend revealed last night.
But a close friend said: "They were a lovely couple who doted on Emma.