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be in (one's) dotage

To be in a state of senility or mental decline due to old age. Just because we are in our 70s doesn't mean we are in our dotage! You'd best treat your children well, for it is they who will look after you when you're in your dotage.
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in (one's) dotage

In a state of senility or mental decline due to old age. My grandfather in his dotage has lately had trouble remembering our names.
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be in your ˈdotage

(often humorous) be old and not always able to think clearly: Sarah moved back in with her father so that she could look after him in his dotage.Sometimes the kids talk to me as if I’m in my dotage! OPPOSITE: (in) the first flush of youth, enthusiasm, etc.
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I suppose the old gentleman was in his dotage, for he manifested in various ways the characteristics which mark this particular stage of life.
The insignificant testament, the last dotage of a decrepit grand art falling back into infancy before it dies.
He said this with such evident surprise that I was perplexed what answer to make, and the more so because coupled with something feeble and wandering in his manner, there were in his face marks of deep and anxious thought which convinced me that he could not be, as I had been at first inclined to suppose, in a state of dotage or imbecility.
To remind'; and passed the intervening period in a state of dotage.
But as we all enjoy the benefits of longer lives, what is the fairest way to fund the lengthening dotages of public sector employees?
How can she say "on a personal level I've never visited Germany because I want no part of a nation responsible for history's greatest massacre" and then go on to say how the Jews should be forgiving "to men (namely John Damjanjuk and Adolf Storms) in their dotages due to face their maker sooner rather than later".