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be in (one's) dotage

To be in a state of senility or mental decline due to old age. Just because we are in our 70s doesn't mean we are in our dotage! You'd best treat your children well, for it is they who will look after you when you're in your dotage.
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in (one's) dotage

In a state of senility or mental decline due to old age. My grandfather in his dotage has lately had trouble remembering our names.
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be in your ˈdotage

(often humorous) be old and not always able to think clearly: Sarah moved back in with her father so that she could look after him in his dotage.Sometimes the kids talk to me as if I’m in my dotage! OPPOSITE: (in) the first flush of youth, enthusiasm, etc.
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brief sad ambitions, a seaside dotage in a suntanned town where sheep
Most people, in what we would call the civilised world, have moved on and it is easy to shrug off A Dinou's comments as the same old ramblings of someone in their dotage.
But, she allowed, jabbing fists toward the crowd, ''I feel like I'm an example now in my dotage of the fact that you just can't put those old gals out to pasture.
That's fine by me, they're commies top to bottom, deserving of slow starvation in their dotage, but Walker was more compassionate.
While the rest of us may only dream of replicating such a simple strategy as a means of producing a regular income in our dotage, we may still enjoy Wisden's Almanac which this year celebrates its 150th birthday.
Old is so often considered to be feeble, past sell-by date, well on the way to dotage, an encumbrance to one's family and a bit of a blight, and whilst copious tears are shed at the passing of an older relative, relief will soon follow the shed tears!
I WONDERED if dotage had finally set in for me when viewing Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations last weekend.
Watching her employer, a wealthy woman in her dotage, don an absurd polka-dot dress, Rita experiences a terrible pity, forgetting for a moment her own disappointments, her own failures and regrets.
Laugh if you will, but the idea of allowing Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to spend his dotage in exile is becoming increasingly attractive to the British government
Although fit and fine in his prime, Elvis was in poor shape in his dotage, indicated by his lower vertebrae.
WILLIAM BANKS, Seghill, Northumberland IN YOUR DOTAGE THEY say in your dotage there are many things you can't do, But speaking from experience that's not entirely true.
IT'S probably me getting soft in my dotage, but most weeknights you can catch me getting dewy-eyed over bottle-feeding badger cubs on Wildlife SOS.
SHANE Williams insists the record books are for his dotage and so his birthday weekend was minus the present he really wanted.
Now in my dotage, I saw a nice 12-gauge at Bass Pro, bought it and took it out to the range.
There seems to be no major study available of Gaunt [try Anthony Goodman's John of Gaunt: The Exercise of Princely Power in 14th-century Europe, published by Longman, Ed] who was de facto ruler during the dotage of Edward III and the minority of Richard II.