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in (one's) dotage

In a state of senility or mental decline due to old age. My grandfather in his dotage has lately had trouble remembering our names.
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be in (one's) dotage

To be in a state of senility or mental decline due to old age. Just because we are in our 70s doesn't mean we are in our dotage! You'd best treat your children well, for it is they who will look after you when you're in your dotage.
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be in your ˈdotage

(often humorous) be old and not always able to think clearly: Sarah moved back in with her father so that she could look after him in his dotage.Sometimes the kids talk to me as if I’m in my dotage! OPPOSITE: (in) the first flush of youth, enthusiasm, etc.
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Laugh if you will, but the idea of allowing Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to spend his dotage in exile is becoming increasingly attractive to the British government, amid the realization that, despite two weeks of coalition airstrikes, the war to oust him has now reached a stalemate.
Although fit and fine in his prime, Elvis was in poor shape in his dotage, indicated by his lower vertebrae.
WILLIAM BANKS, Seghill, Northumberland IN YOUR DOTAGE THEY say in your dotage there are many things you can't do, But speaking from experience that's not entirely true.
In my experience, the lefter they were in their youth, the greater the apostasy in their dotage.
I have adopted a strategy in the many years that have passed in my life, whereby I begin to think and refer to myself as my approaching age from about three months before the event - it helps one prepare for the (increasingly hurried) slide into dotage and softens the landing when you get there.
IT'S probably me getting soft in my dotage, but most weeknights you can catch me getting dewy-eyed over bottle-feeding badger cubs on Wildlife SOS.
SHANE Williams insists the record books are for his dotage and so his birthday weekend was minus the present he really wanted.
Now in my dotage, I saw a nice 12-gauge at Bass Pro, bought it and took it out to the range.
And even if he were back in the running for his old job, he's way too forgetful in his dotage.
In fact, Wellington was Irish-born and, as his death-mask shows, in his dotage.
Now seventy-six, he is increasingly viewed as a has-been religious right leader in his dotage, prone to say bizarre and offensive things.
Harder, perhaps, to embrace without irony the more tricked-out artifacts of modernism's schizophrenic dotage.
There is still a healthy market for second-hand equipment, of course, but modern management techniques and tighter cost controls leave less room for old, underperforming assets to survive into their dotage than in the past.
He added: 'If you are under 50, when you reach your dotage, there will be no nurse there to dote on you.
Even less is known of his dotage and death--in fact, the place and date of his death have never been determined.