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Community planning groups discuss larger issues related to the dorm, such as leadership and planning dorm events.
The lack of use in dorms has started to spread to administration offices for numerous colleges, and Guy Clinch, Avaya's director of solutions for government and education, notes that it's likely more institutions in the future will simply hand their faculty cell phones rather than give them office extensions.
In the Elmhurst store, a stainless-steel fixture featuring Dorm HQ "retro space-age motion lamps," mesh desk lamps and drawer organizers sat in a center aisle adjacent to the textiles department.
It often turns out that the students have shot the same picturesque views: the town by night and day, the rolling green velvet hills seen from their university dorm windows, and the gold, orange, and pink sunsets viewed from the cafeteria balcony.
Approximately 70 percent of the school's students are currently housed in dorms throughout Manhattan, he said.
Last year, nationwide spending on dorm decor and college apartment furnishings reached an estimated $5.
Should the college student have a private dorm bathroom that is shared with a roommate, a shower caddy is still needed but the college student can choose a style that fits in the shower whether it is over the shower head or in a corner of the shower.
com when shopping for college dorm room essentials and decor.
The preventive medicine committee established by the Zagazig University chairman Mohamed Abdel l stated on Monday in its report that the conditions at its dorm kitchens are unacceptable.
CASTAIC -- Sheriff's homicide investigators continue to probe the death of an inmate who collapsed in a dorm he shared with other gang members.
As a public university, Berkeley would not be able to offer a religious dorm, but Westminster House is on the official list the university provides students looking for off-campus housing.
And coordination appears to be key for today's dorm dweller.
I sat among my gay friends in a Stanford University dorm room earlier this year and watched in anger as the most powerful man in the world issued a declaration of war on millions of Americans.
During one such occasion, staff had entered a dorm to remove a popular inmate and approximately 30 inmates surrounded him for support.
Although no customers actually enter the studio, Tampa's city council is upholding a finding by the zoning board that the site violates local ordinances regarding "adult" businesses and has threatened to lock the doors to Voyeur Dorm.