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be hunky-dory

slang To be fine or all right. Don't worry about us, everything is hunky-dory here.


mod. fine; okay. As a matter of fact, everything is just hunky-dory.
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When Los Angeles tabloid reporter Dorie McKenna chases a story that leads her to her long lost twin in Big Sur, we are pulled into Maura Weiler's fast-paced, arresting debut novel.
Dorie, raised by loving adoptive parents, is a smoking, drinking, Twinkie-sneaking falsifier of news for The Comet.
Dories said her Labrador has "now reached the ripe of age of 13", and that "she isn't allowed in the studio with me."
Drift Boats & River Dories, ISBN-10: 0-8117-0234-8, is published by Stackpole Books with a list price of $49.95.