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dope out (something)

To solve or figure out; to calculate or infer from available information. We doped out a way of keeping the business open without having to fire anybody. I didn't read the required chapter before class, but I was able to dope out what was going on from the professor's lecture.
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dope sheet

1. A racing publication the provides detailed information of racehorses and their jockeys to prospective gamblers. Also known as a "scratch sheet." I quit gambling five years ago, but I still like to look over the dope sheets at the race tracks just to feel a bit of that rush again.
2. A document summarizing important details and background information regarding a specific person, activity, situation, or any other subject. The sergeant handed out the suspect's dope sheet at the meeting this morning, so each officer had a good idea who they were looking for. The journalist always created a dope sheet for herself about any story she was planning to cover.
3. A set of running instructions provided by an animator to photographers and editors as to how a particular animation should be filmed. Also known as an "exposure sheet." The animator's dope sheet was so convoluted and complex that we really had no idea what way he wanted the animation to appear on screen.
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be doped to the gills

To be thoroughly intoxicated by drugs, especially those prescribed by a doctor, to the point of incoherence or senselessness. I was doped to the gills for about two weeks after my surgery. I'm off the painkillers now, but I still feel pretty out of it.
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doped to the gills

Thoroughly intoxicated by drugs, especially those prescribed by a doctor, to the point of incoherence or senselessness. I was doped to the gills for about two weeks after my surgery. I'm off the painkillers now, but I still feel pretty out of it.
See also: dope, gill

you dope

You fool. Don't push that, you dope! That's the eject button!
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do drugs

To take recreational drugs. I really admire Jess for never submitting to the peer pressure of those around her to drink or do drugs.
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dope up

1. slang To give or dispense drugs to someone or something. This phrase can be used in reference to both legal and illegal drugs. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dope" and "up." The doctor must have doped me up with some good stuff because I'm not in any pain at all now. I don't remember last night's party at all—someone must have doped me up.
2. slang To purchase illegal drugs. I doped up earlier today, so I've got plenty of supplies for the concert tonight, don't worry.
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do drugs

 and do dope
to take illegal drugs; to use illegal drugs habitually. Sam doesn't do drugs, and he doesn't drink. Richard started doing dope when he was very young.
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dope someone (or an animal) up

to give drugs to someone or an animal. Her parents doped her up with medicine so she would sleep through the night. It's dangerous to dope up a child night after night. The trainer got caught doping the horse up.
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straight dope

the true information; the full story. He gave us the straight dope. I want the straight dope. I can take it.
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dope out

1. Work or figure out, as in I've been trying to dope out this new computer program. [Slang; c. 1900]
2. Also, dope up. Use narcotics or psychotropic drugs, as in They said the fraternity initiation may involve doping up. The first term dates from the early 1900s, the variant from about 1970.
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dope out

v. Slang
1. To work or figure something out: The math student doped out the difficult homework problem. We need to come up with ways to pay for more police officers, and it's up to the mayor to dope it out.
2. To intoxicate someone strongly. Used of drugs: That allergy medicine really dopes me out. I left the party because everyone there was doped out.
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dope up

1. To administer drugs to someone or something: The coach doped the athletes up before the race, in violation of the rules. The nurse doped me up after my surgery.
2. To intoxicate someone with some drug: The kidnappers doped up their victim on sedatives. She doped herself up and went to a party. Does he always have to get doped up in order to enjoy himself?
3. To become intoxicated by taking some drug: The nervous passenger doped up on tranquilizers before the flight.
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do drugs

and do dope
tv. to take drugs; to use drugs habitually. (Drugs and now general.) Is she still doing dope? Rocko doesn’t do drugs, and he doesn’t drink.
See also: drug

do dope

See also: dope


1. n. a stupid person. That dope has done it again!
2. n. drugs in general; marijuana. How much dope do you do in a week anyway?
3. n. news; information; scuttlebutt. I got some dope on the tavern fire if you want to hear it.
4. mod. best; most excellent. We had a great time there. It was dope and dudical.

dope fiend

n. a dope addict; someone heavily addicted to a drug who will do anything to get it. Some dope fiend broke into the shop and stole the cash register.
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dope something out

tv. to figure out something from the dope (information) available. I think I can dope this thing out from the evidence available.
See also: dope, out, something

dope up

1. in. to inject drugs; to take a dose of a narcotic. (Drugs.) I’m hurting, man, I gotta dope up, now!
2. in. to purchase a supply of drugs. (Drugs.) Frank is doping up, himself. He doesn’t grow it himself, you know.
See also: dope, up

inside dope

n. the inside story; special or privileged information. (see also (hot) skinny.) What’s the inside dope on the candidate’s drug addiction?
See also: dope, inside

straight dope

n. the true information. (see also dope sense 3 = news, information.) I want the straight dope. I can take it.
See also: dope, straight
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The Fund, which was set up in 2008, aims to help countries enforce the Convention and strengthen anti-doping capacity and educate about the dangers of doping.
This approach allows the identification of the teams' doping incentives and the review of the current anti-doping fight.
Those involved must know the risks and consequences of doping, both at a personal and at an institutional level.
Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes received a one-year suspended sentence for doping cyclists.
Armstrong will address the alleged doping scandal, years of accusations of cheating, and charges of lying about the use of performance-enhancing drugs throughout his storied cycling career," the network said in a statement.
A team statement read: "There is no place in Team Sky for those with an involvement in doping, whether past or present.
Armstrong has denied cheating and never failed a doping test but the seven-times Tour de France winner was banned for life by USADA in August after announced he would not fight the charges.
In the fourth paragraph, we will describe the approach of the Dutch Doping Authority, and the fifth and last paragraph provides some conclusions and input for further discussion.
It is this latter category of doping (that is, blood transfusions and EPO), that is the current focus of the ABP.
It is the first time that tampering with the doping control process in this manner has resulted in a violation, and the first time that members of an athlete's entourage have been convicted of anti-doping rule violations in the UK.
The ABP can be used for health protection because it provides a direct view of the impact of doping on the athlete's physiology.
As the Code is a non-government document that applies only to members of sports organizations, the Convention provides the legal framework under which governments can address specific areas of the doping problem that are outside the domain of the sports movement.
The UCI requested last October that independent observers attend the race, which is run by Amaury Sports Organisation, to ensure "total transparency of the UCI's activities in the fight against doping at the most important race on the calendar".
compile 12 essays that analyze how the issue of doping has evolved beyond the world of elite sport to the arena of public health.
Anti Doping Lab Qatar (ADLQ) today announced the launch of its initiative to establish an anti-doping testing and research facility in Doha's Aspire Zone.