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dope out (something)

To solve or figure out; to calculate or infer from available information. We doped out a way of keeping the business open without having to fire anybody. I didn't read the required chapter before class, but I was able to dope out what was going on from the professor's lecture.
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dope up

1. slang To give or dispense drugs to someone or something. This phrase can be used in reference to both legal and illegal drugs. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dope" and "up." The doctor must have doped me up with some good stuff because I'm not in any pain at all now. I don't remember last night's party at all—someone must have doped me up.
2. slang To purchase illegal drugs. I doped up today, so I've got plenty for the concert tonight, don't worry.
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dope someone (or an animal) up

to give drugs to someone or an animal. Her parents doped her up with medicine so she would sleep through the night. It's dangerous to dope up a child night after night. The trainer got caught doping the horse up.
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dope up

1. To administer drugs to someone or something: The coach doped the athletes up before the race, in violation of the rules. The nurse doped me up after my surgery.
2. To intoxicate someone with some drug: The kidnappers doped up their victim on sedatives. She doped herself up and went to a party. Does he always have to get doped up in order to enjoy himself?
3. To become intoxicated by taking some drug: The nervous passenger doped up on tranquilizers before the flight.
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dope up

1. in. to inject drugs; to take a dose of a narcotic. (Drugs.) I’m hurting, man, I gotta dope up, now!
2. in. to purchase a supply of drugs. (Drugs.) Frank is doping up, himself. He doesn’t grow it himself, you know.
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The government department that the committee holds to account increased its annual grant to UKAD by PS3m in January but the report suggests the bill for a fit-for-purpose s y s t e s h o u really footed "It is important that World Doping Agency UKAD adequately funded deal with problem of doping report anti-Doping mandate m l d be by sport.
In particular, according to Appendix B (17) of the aforementioned regulations, 'the teams are responsible for ensuring the players drawn to undergo doping controls are taken by the respective team representatives to the doping control station straight from the pitch as soon as the match is over.
The Minister has asked NADA to organise a seminar with all stakeholders on Thursday to discuss the issue threadbare and finalise an effective strategy to deal with the menace, including the possibility of making doping a criminal offence.
Based on everything stated above, it can be concluded how significant it is, not only for athletes, coaches, and sport physicians as well, but also for GPs, to have basic knowledge and current information resources on doping.
Most of the studies that investigated team sports with regard to doping issues, reported testing methods and findings about analytical tools for evaluating the presence of doping in athletes' specimens (Campos et al.
Fast-forward to the end of 2014 and the myth that doping was the preserve of no-name runners who were looking to make quick money was shattered when Rita Jeptoo, the best women's marathon runner the world had seen in many years, tested positive for EPO.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Russia supports investigations into doping allegations, adding that he hoped the focus on his country was not politically motivated.
The report, announced at a news conference in Munich, states: "The IAAF Council could not have been unaware of the extent of doping in athletics and the non-enforcement of applicable anti-doping rules.
Mischke (2007) gives an overview of positive doping tests and doping scandals in cycling from 1940 to 2006.
al-Busaidi, Chairman of the Gulf States and Yemen RADO in which he said that the Omani Anti-Doping Committee managed to achieve many successes throughout the period of their work in the training aspects of its cadres in the field of awareness of the dangers of doping substances in Sport, in addition to the declaration of the legal committees (Hearing Committee, Disciplinary Committee and the Exemption Committee for Therapeutic Purposes) in the Omani Anti-Doping Committee, adding that the committee has made excellent relations with international organizations and bodies in the field of anti-doping, and this meeting is clear evidence of the importance of the role of the Omani Anti-Doping Committee in carrying out its duties.
DICK Pound, the hardhitting former president of the World Anti-Doping Agency is to head an independent commission investigating allegations of systematic doping and extensive cover-ups in Russia.
Doping is one of the major threats to sports, risks athletes lives and health and heralds a negative spirit in sports, Craig Reddie, the World Anti Doping Agency's President, said at the 12th SportAccord Convention.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Physical doping and brain doping apparently often go hand in hand.
It can also be referred to as substance abuse or doping (2).