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a doozy

Something remarkable or exceptional, either positively or negatively, when compared to other instances of it. This Christmas season was a real doozy because my mom was in the hospital. A: "Whoa, that game was a doozy!" B: "I know, right? How exciting!"
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and doozie and doozy (ˈduzi)
n. something extraordinary, good or bad. The trade show was a real doozy this year.


See doosie
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Founded in 2015, Doozy Vape Co has seen turnover increase year on year - with a 200% growth forecast for the year ahead, Its recent deal with Asda has seen the business supply 46 stores to date with a national rollout underway.
Victor's specialty is the depiction of alluring women to grace the covers of magazines, and his latest creation is a doozy. So enthralling is she that Victor wants to make her the centerpiece of an entire story, perhaps a series.
Their four decades-plus romance, detailed in John Brady's juicy and judiciously reported Frank & Ava: In Love and War, was the stuff of both dreams and nightmares and makes for a doozy of a read.
Los Angeles, CA, September 29, 2015 --( Doozy Cards, the online greeting cards company known for offering unique animated eCards for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions, has announced a new line of Postcards available to "post" or share on social media platforms for free.
As bad ideas go, this one's a doozy. For one thing, there's nothing really wrong with the FAA's ATC system.
(All prior to his latest doozy about Senator John McCain.)
Now, scientists have spotted a source of the excess gas, and it's a doozy: a magma pool containing enough hot rock to fill the Grand Canyon 11 times, the researchers report online April 23 in Science.
Candidly, I can think of a couple of doozy caliber mistakes in my career that I may have avoided with a coach in my corner.
Mother's Brewing Company of Springfield, MO, has announced the release of Doozy!, a double IPA from its "Mother's Others" The ale, which contains 9.0% ABV and 80 IBUs has just hit retail.
In case you missed it all over the financial media, noted author Michael Lewis came out with a book called "Flash Boys," in which he makes bold claims about the stock market, including this doozy: "The United States stock market, the most iconic market in global capitalism, is rigged."
"Lee's role is being kept locked in the deepest vaults of Cyberdyne, I mean Skydance, but it promises to be a doozy," the report said.
This one is a doozy. The son of an Iraqi Minister missed his flight, so guess what the Iraqi authorities did?
He illustrated an entire comic book and it's a visceral, shimmering and oozing doozy. James lavished his painstaking attention to detail into a wild tale.
Rick Perry left reporters and others with a doozy of quote about Congress when he was asked about how federal officials should get past the impasse that led to the partial governmental shutdown.
Then he hit me with a doozy. In the past the company really did not do much traditional or even New Age advertising or promotional activity, he said.