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a doozy

Something remarkable or exceptional, either positively or negatively, when compared to other instances of it. This Christmas season was a real doozy because my mom was in the hospital. A: "Whoa, that game was a doozy!" B: "I know, right? How exciting!"
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and doozie and doozy (ˈduzi)
n. something extraordinary, good or bad. The trade show was a real doozy this year.


See doosie
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The Funny Postcards are written by the witty Doozy Cards writers responsible for their acclaimed animated eCards.
Sadly, it could be the last doozy of a year for us.
Still, this is a fun read with plenty of action and tender emoting, plus a doozy, cliff-hanger of an ending.
we're sure to have a doozy [something exceptionally fine] to look forward to with this treasure he's penning.
And we have had some doozy events lately including TJ Maxx, Sweetbay Supermarkets, and AT&T laptops.
In other "Mutts" news, the characters Guard Dog and Doozy appear on an Austin, Texas, billboard promoting ChainFreeAustin.
Engineer Mark Resler had a hard time backing down from such a challenge, but this one, he said, was a doozy.
SIENNA MILLER, who takes self-promotion and vanity to a level that makes Scarlett Johansson look like a Trappist monk, has come out with a doozy.
Few foods are more calorie-dense than the cream cheese, chocolate, cream, and butter in this doozy of a dessert.
This year's Kips Decorator Show House promises to be a doozy.
If these people are really seeking alternative theories as to how life originated, I got a doozy.
Meanwhile, some members of Congress just pulled a doozy of a flip-flop, one that may just scamper down the memory hole thanks to our new definition of free speech.
DOCUMENT THREE--Just make up stuff and pretend it makes sense The following example from a real-life worksheet is a doozy.