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a doozy

Something remarkable or exceptional, either positively or negatively, when compared to other instances of it. This Christmas season was a real doozy because my mom was in the hospital. A: "Whoa, that game was a doozy!" B: "I know, right? How exciting!"
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and doozie and doozy (ˈduzi)
n. something extraordinary, good or bad. The trade show was a real doozy this year.


See doosie
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The Doozies updates three times per week and is available now for all GoComics subscribers to add to their customized comic pages.
The strip features a character named Dean Doozie, whom Gammill describes as "a lovable boob," as well as his wife, Dana, and their daughter, Eve.
But if your company has stories like the doozies that follow, you might be headed there.
The vocabulary in Swerve occasionally sends you scrambling for the dictionary, but the 50-cent words are blended in with plenty of pop and hip-hop references and a couple of south of-the-belt doozies.
Doozies like Deford once wrote, "You never hear about (cheating) in sports such as golf and tennis," when in fact the topic has been broached before.
Decorate your digits with these darling doozies and become the Imelda Marcos of Shoeziest To be one of 25 winners, send your name and address to Shoezies, Girls' Life, 4517 Harford Road, Baltimore MD 21214.
Other doozies that children ask are: Why did God let my baby brother die?
And I've seen a lot, and I've seen a lot of doozies, too.
The paramount reason for teaching through story is that the Judeo-Christian tradition contains some doozies.
That's some of what Great American puts into the "xtra smooth icing" in its Double Doozie cookie sandwiches.
Each Original Chocolate Chip Double Doozie donates 690 calories and half a day's saturated fat (11 grams) to your growing fat cells.