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Very useful advice included not letting anyone into your house, using a door chain and viewer, not buying from doorstep callers and asking a friend to be with you when you have arranged an appointment.
In the two years of Operation Doric, the dedicated team of officers have arrested 343 people for doorstep crime offences involving PS660,213.
However, Trading Standards Officers suspect that many rogue trader crimes go unreported and are urging residents and businesses to heed their 'don't buy from unexpected doorstep callers' message and report rogue traders.
Ringtons is known for its delivery service with its products delivered to the doorsteps of over 260,000 customers across the UK by more than 200 delivery drivers.
Ms Mahmood said: "Street-Games is a great initiative offering young people from the local community access to a number of different sports available right on their doorstep for a minimal cost.
Which kind of doorstep sales do not have an automatic right to cancel?
Cases included one person who was taken to the bank by a fraudulent doorstep caller to withdraw a large sum of money to pay them.
NBAD is the first bank in the region to offer this service to their Visa cardholders that will provide a convenient doorstep delivery service as well as discounts when cardholders use their NBAD Visa cards.
ON's UK boss, said: "We must make difficult choices, such as ending unsolicited doorstep selling, because it no longer fits with the way our customers want us to do business with them.
You don't have to go to football matches to hear racist comments, you can hear it on your own doorstep.
BRITISH Gas yesterday signalled an end to doorstep selling after consumer groups claimed the practice puts pressure on people into switching to worse deals.
A CONSUMER watchdog has called for an end to doorstep sales and the "tide of distrust and anger" it causes, after research revealed only 1% of the public see it as a useful way to find out about products.
com, a car servicing web portal which states that it is the first to do so has announced the launch of car servicing like car dry cleaning, polishing, washing at doorstep in New Delhi and NCR.
The Premier Foods bakery is also renaming Hovis Extra Thick as Hovis Doorstep.
People are being warned not to make hasty doorstep decisions as research suggested nearly three million have fallen victim to rogue cold callers, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has said.