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Dead as a Doornail opens with Jason experiencing his first full moon as a werepanther.
As such, similes may either be lexicalized (as drunk as a skunk, sly as a fox and easy as pie) or created by the language user on the basis of actual similarity or culturally-conditioned perceptions (behave/sweat/be reared/live like a pig, dead as a doornail and work like a Trojan/hell/an automaton/a madman/a beaver/a slave) (Abu-Ssaydeh 2003).
But unless or until Democrats return to larger questions of public morality, they won't inspire a doornail.
Dead, as we say in America, as a doornail And as for Europe's resistance to this now-irreversible reality?
He said: 'At the present time it is as dead as a doornail.
Once, before the time of hucksters, mankind followed a simple four-phase plan: youth, adulthood, old age, and dead as a doornail.
Everyone in front of me was dead -- dead as a doornail.
They are deader than a doornail under Clinton's successor.
Critical Legal Studies was dead as a doornail, and the insights of legal realism had long since been coopted and domesticated.
Take a venue that's been fishing its head off, put a big match on it and it is dead as a doornail.
She had given him both barrels, and he was deader than a doornail," he related.
The Lieut wakes up, sees the stars twinkling up above him in the night sky, the engine dead as a doornail and nothing but blackness below.
It writhed painfully, and quickly sank to the bottom, dead as a doornail.
Union head Donald Fehr assumed the proposed new labor deal ``is dead, dead as a doornail.