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The set, an enclosure of dark brown paneling with three doorless openings, helped to frame the space and ratchet down the focus on the dueling characters, helping convey the emotional intensity while allowing for a sense of intimacy where needed.
Similarly, although Laing's study of Hopper's Nighthawks at the Diner is first class (the doorless diner itself is a 'livid yellow prison' encased in a 'greenish glass bubble, the colour of an iceberg'), the rest of the section devoted to the artist seems oddly directionless.
The doorless i8 Spyder concept was revealed in 2012 and re-appeared at the CES in Vegas - but a more powerful i8 will come first.
"But even though they don't have a race car, they know what a kill switch and a towing tag are for." The doorless design also contributes to a "race-car feel in a car you could use on the road every weekend", he says.
In my classes, I'm trying to help people find the exit in what they thought was a doorless room.' (
Christmas is also a time for thinking of others so I ask you, this Christmas, spare a thought for the doorless ones this year ...
The vehicle produced by the Ageco company has introduced a solar-powered prototype car which is doorless and has apparently no beauty in looks.
The location also features drive-thru windows for food and doorless, airport-style restrooms.
IN A DOORLESS desert safe house in northwestern Mexico, the drug traffickers sized up the boy--17 years old, 1,700 miles from home, gay, alone--and asked if he was too scared to strap on a load of marijuana and walk across the border into Arizona.
Yet the tower itself is "blind," presumably windowless and doorless, and, like the doorless turret on the tourist's island, it remains an impenetrable mystery.
The only light comes from the bare, doorless doorway.
Doorless cells remain a constant reminder to prison staff that things can very easily get out of hand, Mlouf says.
Dimming her cap light so others couldn't see her, Woods struggled to undress in the confined, doorless space, only to have the contents of her pockets spill out onto the dirty, grimy floor.
CakeBoxx Technologies, developer of the CakeBoxx doorless intermodal shipping containers, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with The Valspar Corporation as its coatings supplier for a new line of containers.
Between the enormous doorless showers, the swimming pools and the hot tubs, the culverts that led to the storm drains, and obviously the impressive, nonstop roar of the Pacific, probably all of us ought to have drowned by the time our adolescence was up.