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Cycling UK has campaigned on the dangers of 'car dooring' and encourages vehicle users to use theso-called 'Dutch reach' to open a car door.
The recommendation comes as a part of the Cycling Safety Awareness Program, giving details about, "'Dooring' (car door opening), sharrows, sidewalk cycling and the bike box."
In Cambridge, MA, local transportation officials were interested in experimenting with the placement of shared lane markings at a 10-foot (3-meter) spacing from the curb to prevent dooring, that is, when the occupant of a parked vehicle opens a door and hits an oncoming bicyclist.
Our group practice figured it was going to cost us $5,000 extra per year to tag on the extra costs to abide by OSHA, which included stupid things like double-gloving, and they wanted us to do "safety" things like two-way dooring out of our laboratory, just crazy things.
I didn't care that much though, because door to dooring had never been my thing.
Similarly, boundary conditions can change dooring a nonlinear analysis.