super dooper

childish slang
1. adjective Excellent or awesome. Usually hyphenated and used before a noun. Tommy got a super-dooper new video game console for Christmas. A: "How was the water park, Billy?" B: "Oh gee, Mom, it was super dooper!"
2. adverb Extremely; very much or to a great degree. We're all super dooper excited to meet your new girlfriend! It was super dooper hot in Spain, so we stayed on the beach most of the time. Aw, jeez, I'm super-dooper sorry about that!
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and super-dooper
mod. excellent. That’s just super-duper. Couldn’t have asked for better.


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"It is going to be a super dooper variety show," the former Crossroads star explains.
My daddy is a super-hero,my daddy is a super dooper hero,my daddy is Father Christmas.
Fantastic day: Balado was packed as 70,000 people flocked to festival; Hat's perfect: Girls strip to bikinis as temperature soars; Top acts: T fans are head and shoulders above the rest; Super dooper: Joss Stone on the main stage; Tribute: Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson; Family day: The Beautiful South have fun
Whatever the post-modern style pundits, the cultural commentators, or even you the buying public say, ABBA, the 70s super dooper pop phenomenon, were uncool then and, as they say about iffy wines, they haven't travelled well.
That's what I was told when I bought a pair of super dooper training shoes for my fitness regime.
SUPER SAVER: Teenage hero Marshall denies Barca's world-class forwards once again; SUTTY SWEEPS UP: Chris Sutton grafts hard for the Celtic cause; WELL DONE SON: Boss Martin O'Neill hugs Henrik Larsson at the final whistle (left); HOOPER DOOPER: Hero Celts keeper David Marshall punches the air in triumph and is joined by delirious Celtic fans below; LOSER: Ronaldinho
Oh Deer - The Super Dooper Reindeer Pooper from Midlon Foods, Inc.
As far as I can see the only ones who get slaughtered, apart from our soldiers, are civilians when the Yanks, woops, super dooper hi-tech weapons hit the wrong targets.
CREAM OF THE CROP: Nardini's Cafe SCOOPER DOOPER: Marco Caira Jr., left, and Antonia Caira, below CITY LICKERS: The cafe now and in the 1930s ISLAND'S IN THE CREAM: Millport's Ritz Cafe and one of its attractions CONE AND GET IT: Cafe staff Andrea McAllister, left, and Gemma Dorrian COOL NEW LOOK-A: Luca's as it is now and, below, in the early days FAMILY BUSIN-ICE: Ricardo, top, and his father and uncle, right FROZEN IN TIME: Original owner Bennett Jannetta, top left, and, main pic, cafe worker Kirsty Johnstone, 20
WE make no secret of the fact that we love to eat in super dooper (sorry, we've come over all Madonna there) stylish eateries and our lunch spot de choix at the moment is Castell Deudraeth's fab restaurant at Portmeirion.
No wonder that when talk moves on to the creation of a 'Super Dooper' new Champions League in just five years, it barely raises an eyebrow.
Still popular are Monopoly - Huddersfield now has its own version - Barbie, and super dooper sets of Lego with which to build the Hogwarts Express.
* Perry County Humane Society Souper Dooper Pupper Supper: 4:30-8 p.m.
Right now, it's Super Dooper Love by Joss Stone, which we brought back into the repertoire for our gigs at Iris.
(43.) Warle MC, Berkers AW, Langenhuijsen JF, van der Jagt MF, Dooper PM, Kloke HJ, et al.