super dooper

1. adjective, childish slang Excellent; awesome; fantastic. Usually hyphenated and used before a noun. Tommy got a super-dooper new video game console for Christmas. Jessica is super-dooper popular. There's no way she'd go to the school dance with me. Aw, jeez, I'm super-dooper sorry about that!
2. adverb, childish slang Extremely; very much; to a great degree. We're all super dooper excited to meet your new girlfriend! It was super dooper hot in Spain, so we stayed on the beach most of the time.
See also: dooper, super


and super-dooper
mod. excellent. That’s just super-duper. Couldn’t have asked for better.


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Louise was having a conniption this week as she had no idea how much the super dooper digital school bag would set her back.
Her student, a Dutch national named Jetty Dooper, also surfaced.
Officials from various governmental organisations including the Dubai Health Authority, Red Crescent Authority, Dubai Investments and private organisations like Baker Hughes, Nissan, Siemens and recycling firm Sooper Dooper participated in the event.
Turner (9) cites Gardner (1939), Findlay (1940) and Dooper and Hermann (1948), who stated that paints containing zinc oxide were more resistant to fungal growth than those containing lead white, lithopone, or antimony oxide, and that the most susceptible white pigments were titanium dioxide and lead-titanium.
At the end of the book are extra resources like How to Become a Super Dooper Pooper, a Word Search, and Make Your Own Badges, plus Q & A About Bedwetting (Just For Parents).
A cautionary tale is Super Dooper Jezebel (09) by Tony Ross; a perfect in every way small girl, surrounded by misbehaviours to delight readers, finally gets her come-uppance.
Like Brazil had Pele, which means sooper dooper footballer; Ronaldo, which means little Ronald or, to us, Ron; Ronaldhino, which means even littler Ronald or Mr Corbett; and Kaka.
In the breaks between a repeat of Brainiac: Science Abuse, Sky will come on telling you that showing tomorrow night on Sky Movies Super Dooper Deluxe Premier HD Orgasm is Titanic: The Director's Cut - in which the ship doesn't sink and you don't feel like punching Leonardo DiCaprio every time he comes on.
He said: "If you buy a Sooper Dooper ticket, you get into special shows and get a specialedition Flick The Vs CD, which I'm recording extra songs for.
Cindy was keen to explore new literacies with Alex and, as part of her approach, she introduced the software program Super Dooper Music Looper.
But, with his super dooper silver stacked heels he was nearly seven foot.
They may include activities such as health monitoring, health promotion, appropriate help-seeking, health screening, risk-factor modification or avoidance, and adherence to treatment recommendations (Van Zuuren & Dooper, 1999; George & Fleming, 2004; Nielsen, Dyhr, Lauritzen, & Malterud, 2004; Smith, Orleans, & Jenkins, 2004).
Vendetta Chrome Ariana Venturi Algernon Chrome Sam Breslin Wright Bessie Bosworth Jeanine Serralles Ivory Ginger Eckert Tallulah Tracee Chimo Gertie Rebecca Hart MaryMary, Dooper Lisa Rafaela Clair LaDonna, Crusher Caroline Tamas O'Connell, Strange Man Jenny Seastone Stern
0 y Super Dooper Music Looper, le permite explotar su pasion por la musica, ya que puede crear sus propios CD de musica y programarla para ambientar diferentes ocasiones.