doom and gloom

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doom and gloom

(A situation) characterized by negativity or futility. The situation isn't all doom and gloom—there are still plenty of good schools that did accept you!
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doom and gloom

a general feeling of pessimism or despondency.
This expression, sometimes found as gloom and doom , was particularly pertinent to fears about a nuclear holocaust during the cold war period of the 1950s and 1960s. It became a catchphrase in the 1968 film Finian's Rainbow.
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ˌdoom and ˈgloom


ˌgloom and ˈdoom

a general feeling of having lost all hope and of pessimism (= expecting things to go badly): Despite the obvious setbacks, it’s not all doom and gloom for the England team.
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However, I have never been able to come up with a suitable response to the doom-and-gloom apocalyptic message.
Certainly, there are challenges ahead--namely keeping threats like Pierce's disease at bay and keeping up with global competition--but it sure beats the doom-and-gloom tone of the grape-glut years.
This doesn't mean it's doom-and-gloom time for the Trojans.
The brokerage business has been the only bright side to this doom-and-gloom outlook.
So I'd say the doom-and-gloom theory is not your strongest card.
The Cure's latest incarnation may be fresh and different, but the British band is still trying to shed its doom-and-gloom image.
Everyone's talking about the Year 2000, from President Clinton to doom-and-gloom IT consultants who have a stake in the hysteria.