doom and gloom

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doom and gloom

(A situation) characterized by negativity or futility. The situation isn't all doom and gloom—there are still plenty of good schools that did accept you!
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doom and gloom

a general feeling of pessimism or despondency.
This expression, sometimes found as gloom and doom , was particularly pertinent to fears about a nuclear holocaust during the cold war period of the 1950s and 1960s. It became a catchphrase in the 1968 film Finian's Rainbow.
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ˌdoom and ˈgloom


ˌgloom and ˈdoom

a general feeling of having lost all hope and of pessimism (= expecting things to go badly): Despite the obvious setbacks, it’s not all doom and gloom for the England team.
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gloom and doom

Utter pessimism, expecting the worst. This rhyming phrase, which is sometimes reversed to doom and gloom, dates from the mid-1900s but became widely used only from the 1980s on. Nigel Rees cites an early use in the musical comedy Finian’s Rainbow (1947), in which a pessimistic leprechaun sings, “I told you that gold could only bring you doom and gloom, gloom and doom.” More recently, Clive Cussler wrote, “Pitt stared at Gunn, mildly surprised that the second-in-command was prey to his own thoughts of doom and gloom” (Sahara, 1992).
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Striker Patterson said: "There's a lot of doom and gloom about it but as players you want to play the big teams in the Europa League.
That is why I still feel we are doing well to be tenth and why it isn't all doom and gloom.
Losing 4-2 is never nice and it was doom and gloom STUART KETTLEWELL ARABS AGONY Kettlewell
TOP psychologist Jo Hemmings says: I'm not in the least surprised people are turning to sex amid all the doom and gloom.
IN these times of doom and gloom, I thought it only just to write this letter in the hope that it may bring a smile to the faces of those who read it.
Scott reads in a somber monotone, and it works well here, evoking the doom and gloom of King's apocalyptic world.
There is a cottage industry churning out press releases chronicling how Ford lied to the public, its vehicles desecrate the land, and all manner of doom and gloom will result.
A POOR credit rating would once have led to doom and gloom for anyone applying for a mortgage.
But just as there is humor (albeit avowedly dark) and even an occasional glimmer of optimism to be found in Oldham's lyrics, so Rielly's canvases are not all doom and gloom.
Yes, times have changed, and I am not about to signal doom and gloom.
The talk of doom and gloom that was quite pervasive, we don't have that anymore.
Looking into his crystal ball the chairman forecasts doom and gloom, and as spreading doom and gloom are the mainstays of Plaid's party policy, I was not surprised.
If the news is all doom and gloom in the mining and forestry industry, it is not evident in the dynamic planning of its parent company, United Supply, and the direction set out by owner Ross Woodward, who recently created a metal fabrication and engineering division known as Steeltec.
America became so accustomed to aggressive, unprecedented growth over the past five to seven years, which far outpaced GDP growth, that the recent slowdown has generated considerable doom and gloom reaction," Rutherford continued.
The prgram needed something lightweight to balance the doom and gloom.