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Where would we be without our hoofer doofers, whatsits and thingamajigs that change channels or open doors?
TOYTOWN: "Have we got doofers? Makes me go all queasy, Esty.
THIS is the hors d'oeuvres, or the 'horses doofers' as Del Boy used to call them.
THE question that bounces round Avison Mansions more and more these days is: Where's the doofer? As the midday sun of our years heads west towards the horizon of our elder times, our house is filling up with doofers.
There was a time, of course, when doofers had names.
You need to know that the likelihood of your wife wanting you to put the doofers (flowers) in the doofer (washing machine) are fairly slim, and that therefore it's the doofer (tablecloth) to which she is referring.
Sadly, life has very few red flashing wotsits, and we very often have to live with the consequences of confusing a doofer with one of those other doofers.
In a minimalist's house, finding a doofer would be the simplest of tasks.
No more fishing down the side of the couch for lost doofers.
As someone who thought, when a sprog in Grangetown, that hors d'ouvres translated into 'orses' doofers, I can't understand why there's such a panic over what we're calling "the horse meat scandal".
An' Daniel, vous was right about ze 'orses' doofers. Oui, zere ees such a delicacy.
Never figured out what part of a horse the doofer was, but we firmly believed it was on the menu in posh pubs like the Angel Hotel or the Royal.
"In France an 'orse's doofer is zat part beneath ze tail which we say will doofer now while waiting for ze rump to roast."
Then they'll leap around, woo-hooing, giving high fives to total strangers next to them and yelling things like: 'Go Doofers' because they've had their five seconds of fame on the screen.
But he was struggling to convince the powers that be the micro-phones, ISDN doofers and laser deathrays were radio gear rather than cunningly disguised bombs.