Don't change horses in midstream.

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Don't change horses in midstream.

1. proverb Do not try to choose or back a different political figure for an election after the decision has already been made or the position filled. Many people are dissatisfied with the senator's performance but will likely carry his party's support through to the next election—don't change horses in midstream, as the saying goes.
2. proverb By extension, do not make major changes to a situation or course of action that is already underway. I'm really not confident in the strength of my essay, but I guess I just have to see this one through at this point. Like they say, don't change horses in midstream.
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change horses in midstream, don't

Also, don't swap horses in midstream. It's unwise to alter methods or choose new leaders during a crisis, as in I don't hold with getting a new manager right now-let's not swap horses in midstream. This expression was popularized (although not originated) by Abraham Lincoln in a speech in 1864 when he discovered that the National Union League was supporting him for a second term as President.
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don't change horses in midstream

choose a sensible moment to change your mind. proverb
This expression is quoted by Abraham Lincoln in 1864 as the saying of ‘an old Dutch farmer’. Early versions of it used swap instead of change .
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don't change/swap horses in midstream

Don’t change methods or leaders in the middle of a crisis. Although originating a quarter of a century earlier, the expression became famous through its use by President Lincoln in 1864 when he learned that his renomination for a second term was being backed by the National Union League. Several versions of his speech were recorded, some having it change and others swap.
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