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IN FEBRUARY 1946, the day Don was discharged from the Navy after serving on a submarine in World War II, a Navy lieutenant standing on a train platform asked him offhandedly, "What are you going to do now, sailor?"
Life Services Network of Illinois offers an orientation resource guide for new DONs, according to Tess Kwiatkowski, executive vice president.
But Don, a Justice of the Peace who's been awarded the OBE, was hauled back into court and charged with driving while disqualified and having no insurance.
This story came to mind back in October when George Bush engaged in an improbable bit of pre-debate posturing by claiming to be underschooled ("You know, I don't pretend to be the world's greatest debater.
Storey: Some DONs have become very astute and very involved very quickly in the handling of budgeting and staff issues because of PPS.
Schleue-Warden: I've heard DONs say that they're unable to relax on weekends anymore!
The DON of 70 years ago did not have to worry about the ethical dilemma created by modern medical procedures.
For most DONs, getting a degree from the local college simply isn't feasible.
The result is that many DONs are essentially thrown into management positions, ready or not.
How might DONs in long-term care become a part of this?
Razina, 1637-1667 (The Don Cossacks from the Taking of Azov to the Razin Uprising, 1637-67).
Farm Broadcaster: Mike Dain# ( Farm Dir: Ron Hays# ( Measurement: AMR (2005) Sales rep: Katz AgriMedia or Clear Channel Radio Ag Networks, 405/841-0239, contact Don Schultz, (
Don Juan Tenorio Spanish drama in seven acts by Zorrilla, Jose, produced and published in 1844.
Sholokhov began writing at 17; his first published book was Donskie rasskazy (1926; Tales of the Don ), a collection of short stories.