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The Dons had zero net yards of offense in the second half to that point, but came up with a big play at the right time when quarterback Theron Shakir completed a 49-yard pass to Jermone Johnson down the right sideline.
For the past 10 years the Indiana Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (IAHSA) has conducted a retreat for DONs, says Barb Pantos of that agency's office.
So the next week, Tracy upped the ante by inserting 12 "ferrets" into her essay; the don didn't so much as shift in his seat.
The Dons had zero net yards of offense in the second half until their final drive and the big pass play by Shakir.
The DON often feels the need to slide under the table at care plan meetings that she mistakenly joined and then realized "the family from hell" was attending.
The Dons beat the Indians 1-0 on an unearned run at the Fountain Valley tournament and outlasted Hart 2-0 in eight innings in a Thousand Oaks semifinal game Saturday.
Peck: Do you think, as some have suggested, that PPS has hastened the process of DONs assuming more managerial control?
The Dons took a 7-5 lead when Kelsey Edwards maneuvered past driver Joanna Antonsen for a goal with two seconds left in the third quarter and the Chargers without goalie Michelle Rozzen, who was ejected while breaking up a fast break.
There is much more "collaboration to survive" among DONs, RNs, physicians and consultant pharmacists, as well.
Our job as nurses, DONs or administrators is not to advise them what to decide; nor is it to bombard them with our own moral judgments (although they should be asked whether they've considered every aspect of the decision).
The Dons were too good for everyone else once they disposed of Palomar.
Competition for managed care patients will require that DONs make thorough, accurate admissions assessments with unprecedented speed, working closely with the admissions director, administration and the nursing staff.
Once they get in the red zone, we become different people,'' said Dons safety Charlie Coronado.
The result is that many DONs are essentially thrown into management positions, ready or not.