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Competition for managed care patients will require that DONs make thorough, accurate admissions assessments with unprecedented speed, working closely with the admissions director, administration and the nursing staff.
There has never before been such a demand placed upon DONs to understand the politics, both internal and external, of decisionmaking.
Clinically, DONs must develop sophisticated care planning skills, including knowledge of clinical protocols (such as "critical pathways") and of the application of practice guidelines and case management.
A motion penalty and a sack stalled the Dorsey drive, however, and the Dons came up empty when Jimenez missed the field goal.
An annual retreat for DONs and other nursing managers focuses on relevant issues and stresses networking.
At the end of the hour, your don offers up a new subject, a list of books to pore over, and sends you off to write another cogent synthesis of another topic.
The Dons spread the ball around in the first quarter, as five different Dorsey running backs carried the ball on the first two possessions.
Hart doesn't want to see another season end with a loss to Vander Linden and the Dons.
By the same token, there's a trend going on now toward hiring nurses fresh Out of nursing school to be DONs, and they're just not prepared for this position.
The Dons took a 7-5 lead when Kelsey Edwards maneuvered past driver Joanna Antonsen for a goal with two seconds left in the third quarter and the Chargers without goalie Michelle Rozzen, who was ejected while breaking up a fast break.
Peck: Do you find that, with today's pressure for good communication and cooperation among clinicians at every level of the nursing home, that relations between DONs, RNs and physicians are improving?
By the same token, in hearing DONs talk in casual conversation, I feel some concern that they might be increasing the burnout by taking too much upon themselves.
The Dons were picked fifth in the Mission Conference's Central Division and limped through the non-conference season 0-3.
The play, a variation of the traditional Don Juan story, was the most popular play of 19th-century Spain.