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According to the photos posted online by the trapped climbers, part of the iconic Donkey's Ear twin peaks of the mountain were badly damaged.
Accompanying this wise advice is a complicated picture of a donkey's ear containing maracas, trumpets, bagpipes and drumsticks.
The leaves of comfrey resemble a donkey's ear and will grow to about twelve inches long.
The leaves of comfrey resemble a donkey's ear, and will grow to about twelve inches in length.
But it was yours truly who was left with the donkey's ears at Aintree yesterday when Master Minded bounced back to something like his best with an imperious performance under Ruby Walsh.
Audiences of three to six year olds and their parents can hear about the king who grew donkey's ears, the minotaur trapped in a maze and a little boy who learned to fly.
Midas might still be making an ass out us all, but if he checks out the story, he'll realise it's he who ends up with the donkey's ears.
But just when it appeared the GOP's New England few had traded their elephantine credentials for donkey's ears, it seems they have rediscovered the meaning of being in the loyal opposition.
A cardinal who annoyed him is immortalised in the bottom right-hand corner of the piece, depicted as having donkey's ears and with a serpent nibbling at his nether parts.
Charlie Compton looked like the donkey's ears were on his head, so he didn't like that, and they covered it up,'' said Strickland, who was the city's communications officer for 10 years.
There will be puppets, a big bassoon, a peckish bird, a king who grew donkey's ears and of course, stories from the incredible Scheherazade.
As usual Rossi milked his success to the full, donning a set of donkey's ears on the podium.