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When overall consumption and doneness preferences were used to estimate the meat-derived carcinogen intake for subjects, those with highest intake had 70 percent higher risk than those with the lowest intake.
Test for doneness by piercing the chicken at its thickest part.
No matter where it's cooked--on the stovetop, in the oven, even on a grill at a tailgate party--the convenient, accurate Cook'd Right Reversible Sensor can be used to determine the exact level of doneness of the meat.
Only one out of 20 checked for doneness with a thermometer.
The line, which changes colors to indicate doneness of five different types of food -- poultry, meat, hamburger, fish and baked products -- originally was only available in a disposable model.
A meat thermometer is the only reliable way to check the doneness of cooked foods.
It turns out that color alone is not a true test of a grilled burger's doneness.
Researchers developed an extensive questionnaire on red meat consumption, cooking techniques, and level of doneness, and used it in a study of colorectal adenomas (precursors of colorectal cancer).
consumers say they regularly use an instant-read thermometer to determine proper doneness, despite an increased emphasis by industry and government on the importance of proper cooking and handling of food.
While many cooks judge heating time by a meat's color, it proves an unreliable guide for doneness.
It's a good idea to check it for doneness then, for it may need a bit more cooking.
Grill sirloin steak to desired doneness and cut into bite-sized pieces.
Insert cake tester into cheek to test for doneness If irs hot all way through, it is ready.
Although the surefire way to judge doneness is by using a meat thermometer (125 degrees F is medium-rare), both Lobel and Perini prefer to use the finger test.
It can be challenging to determine what the level of doneness in a beef roast.