done with

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do with (something)

To cope or manage to do something without all the resources that one would ideally like to have. We don't have all the spices we need for this recipe, but since the weather is so bad, we're just going to have to do with what we have.

done with (someone or something)

Finished with someone or something; no longer involved with someone or something. I've been working on this essay for hours now, so I'm just going to write the conclusion and be done with it. That group has been a really negative influence in my life, so I've decided that I'm done with them altogether.
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done with

finished with someone or something. Mary is done with Bill. She has found another boyfriend. I can't wait until I'm done with school forever. I agree. I'll be glad when we are done with all these exams.
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In testimony before the Senate special committee on Y2K in July of this year, NASIRE president Mike Benzen said 20 states were 90 percent done with fixing their "mission critical systems"--those the states consider necessary for maintaining their business--and 38 were at least 75 percent complete.
What was done with CBN donations that placed a neat $90 million profit in Robertson's and his son's pockets was despicable.
Thus, any termination of a contract should always be done with the advice of an attorney, because you do not want to do anything which would put you in breach of contract.
* Tax preparation: It was relatively easy to assign a staff member to research a proposed transaction and plan the client's taxes accordingly: the project was received via E-Mail, the tax research was completed on CD-ROM and a pro forma tax return done with planning software.
The balloon procedure can be done with painkillers and local, rather than general, anesthesia, and the patient can leave the hospital within a few days, Grossman says.
Fred's just putting it all together right now, and I guess when we're done with this I'll go there and see it.
Two hundred tons was mined in Italy in 1868, but it is unclear what was done with the material.