do (something) to death

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do (something) to death

To do or repeat something so often that it becomes boring or unappealing. Often used in passive constructions. Ugh, Hollywood has done superhero movies to death. Chocolates and bouquets of roses have been done to death, so I thought I'd get you something more interesting for Valentine's Day.
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do something to death

perform or repeat something so frequently that it becomes tediously familiar.
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ˌdo something to ˈdeath

(informal) talk or write about a subject, or perform a play, etc. so often that it is no longer interesting: Some people think that the theme of romantic love has been done to death in poetry.
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References in classic literature ?
His ingenious mind instantly suggested a way by which the baronet could be done to death, and yet it would be hardly possible to bring home the guilt to the real murderer.
Stapleton's first idea was that this young stranger from Canada might possibly be done to death in London without coming down to Devonshire at all.
And after Acrias, they say, Capetus was done to death by Oenomaus, and Lycurgus, Lasius, Chalcodon and Tricolonus....
I shall do the best I can for all of us, but I'm not going to have Monty done to death. Come, let's have the truth."
But no decent, grown-up cat should be done to death -- unless he sucks eggs."
He told them cruel stories of people who had been done to death in this "buying a home" swindle.
These others have been done to death. There is no safety for any of us.
Shelley believed when he wrote the poem that Keats had been done to death by the cruel criticisms of his poems, that he had died of a broken heart, because the world neither understood nor sympathized with his poetry.
We know that a man is being done to death, and every hour may be vital."
You saw me done to death, and you have said nothing!
We should be rich men if we had 1000 pounds for every poor devil who has been done to death in that den.
Now that Jane Austen has been done to death - heaven forbid we get any more versions of her contemporaries' Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights!
'The petitioner (High Court Bar Association Multan) has great apprehensions that the detenue will be done to death in the fake police encounter if he is not recovered from the illegal and unlawful custody of the respondents,' said the petition.
Looking at the headline in the letters column "Leave it out Remoaner" I felt a wave of disappointment that, not only has that particular insult been done to death by now, but I always considered that those who trade insults do so because their argument is so weak it needs reinforcement via such puerility.
Christmas songs done to death CAN'T you tell that Christmas is approaching?