do (one's) best

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do (one's) best

To do as well as one possibly can at something. I'm just not good at math, so, believe me, a B- in Algebra means that I've done my best. No, you're not the star player on the team, but you always do your best, which encourages the rest of us to do the same.
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do one's (level) best

to do something as well as one can. Just do your level best. That's all we can ask of you. Tom isn't doing his best. We may have to replace him.
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do one's best

Also, do one's level best or one's damnedest . Perform as well as one can, do the utmost possible, as in I'm doing my best to balance this statement, or She did her level best to pass the course, or He did his damnedest to get done in time. The first term dates from the 16th century, but the addition of level, here meaning "very," occurred only in the mid-1800s; the variant dates from the late 1800s.
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The sailors, goaded by the remorseless pangs of hunger, had eaten their leather belts, their shoes, the sweatbands from their caps, although both Clayton and Monsieur Thuran had done their best to convince them that these would only add to the suffering they were enduring.
"They've done their best to ruin Great Britain by crabbing every sort of national service during the last ten years.
Summary: Organisers have done their best to limit the impact of the elements by installing banks of portable windbreakers and watering the sands.
Tawfik Hamid, one-time Islamic terror organization member now in Israel, says Jews have done their best, and its now Muslims who must change.
"But we played more rugby against Glasgow and the players feel they have done their best and will keep on doing their best to get off the bottom of the league ( they will continue to be competitive.
Some nominees were excellent choices but either had no serious track record yet or had done their best work two, three or more years ago.
Her parents have done their best to come up with candidates, to no avail.
Someone, somewhere should have done their best Winston Churchill and told the world, "This will not stand!" Instead, all we heard was deafening silence.
They are not leaving us in the lurch...and have done their best to cover us."
Nevertheless, the dancers have done their best to create Flindt's characters.