do the honors

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do the honors

To perform a task or duty of an official nature, often in a social setting. Sometimes used humorously. Why don't you do the honors and greet people at the door? I'll take their coats. Joe, do the honors and cut me a slice of that pizza, will you? The mayor was supposed to cut the ribbon, but he can't make it, so we'll have to find someone else to do the honors.
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do the honors

Act as a host or hostess, performing introductions and otherwise attending to guests. For example, At home Mary leaves it to Bill to do the honors when they have guests. This expression uses honors in the sense of "courtesy." [Mid-1600s]
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do the honours

1 perform a social duty or small ceremony for others. 2 perform a particular function that is central to the proceedings. informal humorous
2 2007 David Kynaston A World to Build Two men were hanged at Pentonville, with the lugubrious Albert Pierrepoint doing the honours.
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do the ˈhonours

(often humorous) perform a social duty or ceremony, such as pouring drinks, making a speech, etc: Harry, could you do the honours? Tom and Angela both want gin and tonic.His father was ill, so Charles did the honours with the welcome speech.
See also: honour
References in classic literature ?
Having done the honours of his house in this hospitable manner, Mr.
You'd have thought dad would have done the honours and saved a bob or two.
Meanwhile, Coach Fabio Capello has said he was "comfortable, absolutely'' with Terry returning as captain, after Frank Lampard had done the honours against Spain.
Tim Cahill missed his last one in 2004, James Vaughan had never done the honours at senior level, while skipper Phil Neville was ELEVEN when he last tried his luck.
Other celebs to have done the honours include Geordie actresses Denise Welch and Jill Halfpenny.
Victory Moon and Asiatic Boy have done the honours for the South African.
The prizes on the final day will be handed out by a top celebrity, with Republic of Ireland internationals Damien Duff and Richard Dunne having done the honours in recent years .
Sister Bliss and Judge Jules have already done the honours, and this latest event featured none other than Tall Paul, heroic show stealer at the first Inside Out.