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Bear all this in mind (it is the sworn testimony of respectable witnesses); and pray do not forget--however foolishly and blamably he may have written about her in the secret pages of his Diary--that he was proved to have done his best to conceal from his wife the aversion which the poor soul inspired in him; and that he was (in the opinion of those who could best judge him) at least a courteous and a considerate husband, if he could be no more.
Oz had not kept the promise he made her, but he had done his best, so she forgave him.
The Munchkin boy has a loyal and generous heart and has done his best to restore Unc Nunkie to life.
The physician had done his best to encourage her; but she had understood the drift of his questions more clearly than he supposed, and she knew that he looked to the future with more than ordinary doubt.
Expressing that he has done his best to foster dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding in the Balkan region as a whole and to a certain extent in the world Bosnian President said "I am especially proud to receive the first honorary doctorate that is given by the Suleyman E[currency]ah University."
SIR MARK PRESCOTT has pointed out that he has done his best for Hooray.
Power tools may not come to mind immediately when Garrison Keillor's name is mentioned, but James Sewell has done his best to correct that.
Pope John Paul II has done his best to make the suffering better known.
Pope John Paul II has done his best to make sure that his successor will be just as conservative as he.