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All the old jests and quips that must have done duty at weddings since Eden were served up, and seemed as new and brilliant and mirth-provoking as if they had never been uttered before.
The stone had clearly enough done duty once as a doorstep.
A long red sofa or bench, which had done duty beside a billiard-table found a place here also.
The instant the village lass who had done duty for Dulcinea found herself free, prodding her "cackney" with a spike she had at the end of a stick, she set off at full speed across the field.
At some unnatural hour of the morning the dairyman had caused the yawning chimney-corner to be whitened, and the brick hearth reddened, and a blazing yellow damask blower to be hung across the arch in place of the old grimy blue cotton one with a black sprig pattern which had formerly done duty there.
I was convinced that this rope had already done duty for Joseph Buquet, who, like myself, must have caught Erik one evening working the stone in the third cellar.
The kit of the mess, if the table furniture may be so denominated, is chiefly composed of utensils of horn and tin that have done duty in several parts of the world.
We gave him all the regular ones - the time-honoured lies that have done duty up the river with every boating-man for years past - and added seven entirely original ones that we had invented for ourselves, including a really quite likely story, founded, to a certain extent, on an all but true episode, which had actually happened in a modified degree some years ago to friends of ours - a story that a mere child could have believed without injuring itself, much.
An unexpected playsure, Nickleby,' said Lord Frederick Verisopht, taking his glass out of his right eye, where it had, until now, done duty on Kate, and fixing it in his left, to bring it to bear on Ralph.
It was a neat, unpretending village tavern, and we took our repast in a quaint little room with a bed in it, decorated with some old oil paintings, which in their time had probably done duty in a Catholic chapel or monastery.
Having done duty as the Royals' seagoing palace for some 40 years, it is now permanently moored as a floating museum at Ocean Terminal in the Scottish capital's Leith area.
Continuing with a fixed pattern that has characterized the IPL all these years, hasn't the country been deprived of worthy players who could have done duty for the nation?
Having done duty in some of the most challenging construction and mining sites across the globe, Tata Motors CONSTRUCK range is backed by TATA MOTORS STANDARD WARRANTY of 4 years / 4 lakhs kms / 4000 hours (5000 hours for PRIMA range), supported by an extensive sales network of over 1800 touch points, over 1800 service touch points and over 60,000 touch points for TATA GENUINE SPARES.
It will replace the prefabricated former doctor's surgery and food grade portable cabins which have done duty as office and production facilities for the last seven years and from where salt has been shipped to Japan, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea as well as the USA and Europe.
Ever since Godolphin was launched in 1994, more than 200 different jockeys have done duty for the stable that has enjoyed winners in 14 different countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Qatar, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom and USA.