done deal

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a done deal

Something that has been decided or finalized. Once we sign those papers, the sale of the house will be a done deal. I had no idea I'd have to make more payments to receive the merchandise—I thought it was a done deal! Everyone thought his promotion was a done deal, but his unprofessional behavior during the interview gave the board of directors second thoughts about him.
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done deal

An irrevocable agreement, as in Once you've signed the lease, it's a done deal. This slangy expression, first recorded in 1979, may have come from done thing, originating in the late 1600s.
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done deal

n. a completed deal; something that is settled. The sale of the property is a done deal. There is nothing that can be changed now.
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done deal, a

An irreversible agreement, a final decision or compact. This relatively new synonym for the long-used fait accompli dates only from the late 1970s, but according to William Safire, it had a near predecessor in a done thing. The latter surfaced about 1700, and Dickens used it: “It was a done thing between him and Scrooge’s nephew” (A Christmas Carol, 1843). The current cliché is also often used in the negative (not a done deal), as in “We can interview another architect; it’s not a done deal, you know.”
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? We've teamed up with website and have a copy of Done Deal to give away.
Mr Griffin, who is a former chief executive of Wrexham council, said: "The letter makes it look it is a done deal and the funding is being withdrawn.
"However, despite what you may have heard elsewhere, this is not a done deal. It is not over until a lease is signed."
The way the share price of each company has been moving in lockstep suggests the market believes a merger is already a done deal but that is not the case," he added.
Asked about reports of a 2.5 million pound ($4 million) payout for Royal Bank of Scotland CEO Stephen Hester, Cameron said: "It isn't a done deal ...
"It does not mean what is under discussion is a done deal in any way," said Mrs Billingham.
The Detroit Tigers signaled their intention to retain Brandon Inge ( at the end of the regular season, and today they announced a done deal, bringing back the player whose service time with the club out paces all others.
The five-Test All Black rubbished suggestions his next career move is already a done deal, saying: "You just don't know what's around the corner.
17 December 2009: EU Commissioner For Agriculture Marianne Fischer Boel said simplification of the Common Agricultural Policy is not a "done deal".
If he wins at SW19 it's a done deal. If he wins any Grand Slam it's evens.
The truth of the matter is that they undertook a consultation process about the control room, that many suspected was a done deal before it even began, we the plebs were assured it was going to be fair.
Sir - Gordon Brown has decided that instead of a process, devolution is a done deal. To drive this home, he will impose upon the Welsh by ministerial fiat a phoney identity - Britishness - by passing a Bill of Rights about which the Welsh will not even be consulted.
The Fairmont Coco Beach Resort in Rio Grande is a done deal, said Arturo Diaz, president of Empresas Diaz & Coco Beach Development Group (CBDG), reports Caribbean Business (Feb.
The land was acquired in October 2002 as part of a $250,000 deal with Done Deal Inc., led by Douglas Hunnicutt.
In all probability, it's a done deal. That's the value they put on our brave lads whom they have sent to fight Blair and Bush's war.