don't you wish

don't you wish

You would like this to be the case. A: "Next year, I'm going to beat you for student council president." B: "Yeah, don't you wish!"
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Don't you wish!

Don't you wish that what you have just said were really true? Mary: I'm going to get a job that lets me travel a lot. Sally: Don't you wish! Sally: Sorry you lost the chess game. It was close, but your opponent was top-notch. Bob: Next time, I'll do it! I'll win the next round. Sally: Don't you wish!
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(Don’t) you wish!

exclam. I’m sure you wish it were true. There’s no school tomorrow? You wish!
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References in classic literature ?
Don't you wish we had the money Papa lost when we were little, Jo?
Don't you wish, Ojo, with all your heart, that you had not been disobedient and broken a Law of Oz?"
"Don't you wish you were going to Paris instead of London?" asked Miss Wilkinson, smiling at his enthusiasm.
Half-way up the second flight, they all stopped as suddenly as if they had seen a ghost; for looking over the banisters was Tom's face, crocky but triumphant, and in either hand a junk of candy, which he waved above them as he vanished, with the tantalizing remark, "Don't you wish you had some?"
Jacky found it, and then began, "What's that card, eh?" "Yes, don't you wish you knew what that card was?" "Len, who's Miss Schlegel?" etc.
'You didn't see her, you didn't--I say, don't you wish you was me, when she comes tomorrow morning?'
"Bill you old muff, the half-hour hasn't struck." "Here, Bill, drink some cocktail." "Sing us a song, old boy." "Don't you wish you may get the table?" Bill drank the proffered cocktail not unwillingly, and putting down the empty glass, remonstrated.
While they were going along to take boat, 'Don't you wish, my dear,' said R.
Even our own Prime Minister offering to help came as a surprise (don't you wish she was as quick to offer her services closer to home?) And while all these billionaires fight for brownie points when they stand outside the pearly gates, a thought crossed my mind: what if the investigation finds that the cause of the fire is what may be described as an 'Act of God'?
And in these times don't you wish you had someone to share a cup of hot chocolate with?
Don't you wish you could also unsubscribe from nagging temptations that attempt to lure you away from Jesus?
Don't you wish our leaders would stop mouthing their benign platitudes?
The Damned - whose story is traced in newlyreleased documentary Don't You Wish That We Were Dead - might be something dangerously close to national treasures these days but they retain the anti-establishment attitudes that fired those ground-breaking releases.
Oh don't you wish you never had anything else to do?" Vast, two page illustrations show a boy who loves swimming waking up, making preparations, then meeting his friends for a day of fun at the pool.
as possible; and it means to do the most amount of helping, assisting, and benefiting of others as possible." Don't you wish more people understood this concept?