don't you believe it!

don't you believe it

You should not believe what we're discussing. If anyone tells you that learning to play the flute is fun, don't you believe it—it's torture!
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don’t you beˈlieve it!

(spoken) used to tell somebody that something is definitely not true: Some people say skiing is easy but don’t you believe it!
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He said: "Don't you believe it! Very little has changed."
Don't you believe it! There may be little visible sign of curtains rising or of expectant - though occasionally belated - hushes, but beneath this outward calm there are already the first stirrings of pantomime.
Angela - Don't you believe it! As the saying goes in the theatre 'You ain't seen nothing yet'
Don't you believe it! Knowing the people involved I think it is either a dark horse or the usual little Hitlers at work and their egos have to be satisfied first.
Watson, deputising for broken-finger victim Craig Wright, said: "Don't you believe it! Their players were regarded as something of a national disgrace when they lost to Bangladesh earlier in the summer and they certainly won't want to risk another big upset."
But Nuns have a message for those who reckon they are at the start of a slide - don't you believe it!
Don't you believe it! The same scum who made their presence felt on so many occasions in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland have probably already got their flight tickets booked.
Don't you believe it! This game was played at a pounds 20million magnificent state of the art facility on a pitch as cultured as it gets and with most of the good people of the sleepy Northants town of Irthlingborough packed into the 6500 capacity Nene Park Stadium.
Sometime in the past, just before the holiday pageant, a teacher said, "Oh, dear, I want you to stand on the risers and move your mouth, but don't sing, okay?" The underlying message was, "You can't sing." Well, don't you believe it! Each of us has music inside.
While 'London Birmingham Airport' sounds a bit far fetched, don't you believe it!
Don't you believe it! This irrepressible Warwickshire star has a new and intriguing project in the pipeline, but meanwhile get a copy of this amazing CD.
The man himself answers: "Don't you believe it! Yes, I'll give people the time of day and I'll listen to all sorts of arguments.
Meanwhile, Portsmouth have announced that their move for United striker Lomana Lualua is now dead ( but don't you believe it!
"Someone said to me there soon won't be any records left to chase - but don't you believe it!
Don't you believe it! The Crazy Gang are among the title contenders on merit.