don't you believe it!

don't you believe it

A warning that someone should not believe something. If anyone tells you that learning to play the flute is fun, don't you believe it—it's torture!
See also: believe

don’t you beˈlieve it!

(spoken) used to tell somebody that something is definitely not true: Some people say skiing is easy but don’t you believe it!
See also: believe
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But Nuns have a message for those who reckon they are at the start of a slide - don't you believe it
While 'London Birmingham Airport' sounds a bit far fetched, don't you believe it
Meanwhile, Portsmouth have announced that their move for United striker Lomana Lualua is now dead ( but don't you believe it
Someone said to me there soon won't be any records left to chase - but don't you believe it
ANDY COLE'S place is supposed to be in jeopardy, but don't you believe it