don't you believe it!

don't you believe it

set phrase Don't believe it. If anyone tells you that learning to play the flute is fun, don't you believe it—it's torture!
See also: believe

don’t you beˈlieve it!

(spoken) used to tell somebody that something is definitely not true: Some people say skiing is easy but don’t you believe it!
See also: believe
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But Nuns have a message for those who reckon they are at the start of a slide - don't you believe it
While 'London Birmingham Airport' sounds a bit far fetched, don't you believe it
Meanwhile, Portsmouth have announced that their move for United striker Lomana Lualua is now dead ( but don't you believe it
Someone said to me there soon won't be any records left to chase - but don't you believe it
ANDY COLE'S place is supposed to be in jeopardy, but don't you believe it
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