don't shoot the messenger

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don't shoot the messenger

Don't get angry at or punish someone who is simply delivering bad or undesirable news as they are not responsible for it. A: "What do you mean I'm being sued by my ex-wife? I'll knock your lights out!" B: "Hey man, I'm just doing my job. Don't shoot the messenger!"
See also: messenger, shoot

shoot the messenger

If someone shoots the messenger, they blame a person who has told them bad news or information instead of blaming the person who is responsible for the situation. In blaming the polling organisation for his party's failure, Sir Malcolm is shooting the messenger.
See also: messenger, shoot

shoot (or kill) the messenger

treat the bearer of bad news as if they were to blame for it.
Being the bearer of bad tidings has been a traditionally thankless task, as indicated in Sophocles' Antigone, ‘No man loves the messenger of ill’ and Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, ‘The nature of bad news infects the teller’.
See also: messenger, shoot

shoot the ˈmessenger

blame the person who gives the news that something bad has happened, instead of the person who is really responsible: ‘You look awesome! But...’‘But what?’‘Well, don’t shoot the messenger here but those pants make you look a little... large.’
See also: messenger, shoot
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Don't shoot the messenger or his contractor, but the subcontractor.
In other words, please don't shoot the messenger, he said.
Labour MP Mr Smith said: "The lesson for Government is clear - don't shoot the messenger.
Don't shoot the messenger, but this book reminds us that "wielding power is a male prerogative.
The average minimum temperature averages at just 15AC (59F), and don't shoot the messenger, but it is only going to get colder in January.
Don't shoot the messenger - people notice these things.
Now don't shoot the messenger, but I find it hard to believe so many of us are that good.
That's because Go Configure, a unit of delivery service provider Don't Shoot the Messenger, has been using Ifbyphone's hosted outbound interactive voice response (IVR) service for the past year to handle all of its outgoing calls for appointment scheduling, confirmation, and follow-up surveys.
OUR message to senior midwives who hit back today at a union report that criticised the conditions and care at Wales' biggest maternity unit is - don't shoot the messenger.
Don't shoot the messenger, but I wouldn't reach for the remote if you're searching for some sporting solace this Christmas.
All I can say in this case is: Don't shoot the messenger.
And no, don't shoot the messenger for stating the obvious.
In the meantime, the broadcasters' refrain is likely to be heard all over town: Please don't shoot the messenger.
In a democracy, you don't shoot the messenger if you don't like the message.
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